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Avoid Costly Bin Rental Mistakes

Garbage bins are big, heavy steel constructed, almost indestructible items. There’s nothing that can go wrong when you’re tossing stuff into a big metal dumpster right? Unfortunately, Murphy’s Law can strike even the best-intentioned individuals, so it’s important to avoid costly mistakes when arranging your bin rental Toronto.


  1. There is no place in a dumpster for hazardous waste or combustible materials. Dumping barrels of caustic chemicals, poisonous materials or flammable liquids is always unacceptable. If the garbage bin rental Toronto company you rented from discovers you’ve included those materials in the bin, they could refuse to take it. Avoid embarrassing or potentially costly decisions by following proper protocols around acceptable materials.
  2. Using common sense when filling your full size or mini bin rental Toronto. Loading one end with heavy blocks of mortar and the other with scrap paper means weight is not evenly distributed. This could result in a serious safety hazard for the company picking up the dumpster, especially if they are not aware of the issue. Disproportionate weight distribution, whether it’s on the top or sides of the dumper, could turn the bin into an unsafe load. No one wants to see any get hurt because of their negligent packing of the dumpster. Make sure you’re spreading materials around in the dumpster.
  3. Never leave debris hanging over the edge or top of the dumpster, and never leave items on top that could catch wind while being transported. Debris flying out of a dumpster could cause serious injury to drivers or pedestrians innocently travelling along roadways. Before your dumpster company arrives to pick up your bin rental Toronto, take a good hard look at how things are packed. If you look along the top of the bin and see items, try repacking them.
  4. While the bin is in your possession, and your name is on the rental contract, you are responsible for the bin. If you’re dropping it on a construction site known as a place where e graffiti artists are prone to tag things, you may wind up having to pay for the cleaning of the dumpster. Be sure your rental is placed in a safe location where it won’t be subject to vandalism or even collisions with construction equipment. They’re build solid, but a bin can be damaged. You don’t want to be liable for additional fees.


There are consequences to not taking care of the things you rent. That’s true with cars, and it’s true with min bin rental Toronto. You should be prepared for your bin to arrive, and fill it according to the policies set out by your rental company. Ensure it’s safe and filled properly. Returning a bin that’s heavily damaged or covered in graffiti is going to cost you or get you blacklisted from ever renting again. When you are ready to rent, contact Junk Out.


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