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Avoid Property Damage with These Bin Rental Tips

The arrival of a new year is always a great time to consider things like new renovations or perhaps even a new start based on letting go of old stuff – the boxes of junk and useless collectibles stored in the attic, in the closet or under the stairs. Renting a garbage bin is a great starting place when looking at junk removal Vaughan initiatives.

Junk Removal as Easy as 1-2-3?

At home, at the office or at any job site, garbage removal Vaughan efforts are easier when you rent convenient bins for garbage removal. As big and spacious as they are, garbage bins are large and heavy, so there is potential for property damage if you don’t properly plan for their delivery in advance. Here are a few simple tips for people considering a bin rental to facilitate your junk removal Vaughan project.

Order the Right Bins for Garbage Removal

Garbage bins come in various sizes. The size you want will be determined by both the volume of material you’re expecting for your junk removal Vaughan project, but also by the type of material. The largest bin is perfect for large bulky materials such as drywall, appliances, construction waste and debris, large lighting fixtures and other large, jagged materials. If you’re looking at landscaping projects, there are different bins for garbage removal that make better choices than the largest sized bin. Working with the professionals at Junk Out, you can quickly determine the best suited bin for the job at hand.

Location of Your Garbage Bin

You’ve decided on the proper rental bin for your needs; now you need to determine the best place for it upon delivery. Hopefully you’ve measured an area on or near your property than can accommodate not only the garbage bin, but also the vehicle that will be arriving for your delivery. You want your bin located somewhere convenient, where you and your team of volunteers (assuming you have help) will have clear and unfettered access to and from your garbage removal Vaughan bin. Take stock of the area you’re considering as a resting place for your bin. Is there ample room between the area where the garbage is to the bin? Is the bin location in an area that would be an issue for your neighbours? Is it blocking any street, sidewalk or driveway access? Is it being placed on soft soil or landscaped area that could be damaged through placement of a heavy steel dumpster? Will rain or snow fall affect the area where the dumpster is located? Answering all these questions is vital to ensure your dumpster is being placed in an optimum location.

Know What Can Go Inside Your Bin

Avoiding potentially dangerous situations and possible property damage is as simple as knowing what you can and can’t dispose of in your junk removal Vaughan bin rental. For example, Junk Out bins cannot be used for the disposal of household hazardous waste (HHW) such as paint cans, solvents, aerosol containers, propane cylinders, pesticides or any time of vehicular fluid or industrial liquids. Those are best handled through proper municipal disposal programs.

Follow these tips and you can enjoy a safe, convenient clean up using your bins. To learn more, contact us at Junk Out.


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