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Big Civic Parties and Bigger Clean Ups Require a Better Plan

Did you attend last year’s Toronto Raptor parade? Quite the spectacle, wasn’t it? Parades through the city are awesome regardless of the reason for them. Who doesn’t love a parade, right – except maybe the people who have to clean them up. It’s amazing how cavalier people can be with their garbage when they’re celebrating. That’s true on any scale, from large house parties to big civic celebrations. As the events scale up, planners should consider scaling up the services of companies that facilitate junk removal Etobicoke.

The Bigger the Party the Bigger the Clean Up

There are lots of public celebrations that occur across the GTA each year. From the Taste of the Danforth to Pride Week, the St. Patrick’s Day and Santa Claus parades to the annual Toronto Maple Leaf Stanley Cup festivities (it’s okay to keep hoping), there’s always something being planned in Toronto. Local business improvement associations also host public activities in their neighbourhoods. All these events have one thing in common; they all generate a significant amount of waste as massive hordes of people arrive, party, and toss their garbage. Thank goodness for junk removal Toronto services that quickly return the city to a state of moderate cleanliness. As any event planner knows, dealing with garbage disposal is just part of the logistics involved in running events. One way to ensure you’ve got the best junk removal services in the GTA for your event is to work with Junk Out. With the Junk Out team on your side, you can deploy all the eco-friendly garbage bins you need on location to ensure you’ve got ample resources to dispose of any garbage generated at your event.

Dealing with Garbage from House and Office Parties

Invite only celebrations are also targets for junk removal Etobicoke services. People are getting inspired and hosting lavish theme parties, many of which are awash in disposable decorations, balloons, cardboard cut outs and more. At the end of a truly good house party, there is often huge amounts of litter, usually too much to leave on the curb for regular pick-up. Staff parties are also known for generating large amounts of garbage, with decorations, disposable plates, dishes and serving trays, wine glasses and empty bottles just a few of the items bound for the garbage. Hiring the best junk removal services in the GTA means you’ve put a plan in place to deal with the garbage issue effectively and in an environmentally friendly way; Junk Out has green bins, and they separate recyclables before sending any junk to a landfill. No party is too big have an effective garbage disposal strategy.


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