Five Things The Impact the Cost of A House Demolition

“If you build it, they will come.” So goes the classic line from the movie Field of Dreams. In a hot real estate market, where home renovations add equity and drive up sale prices, “they” are the home demolition people, who love to renovate, rebuild and resell. If you’re considering that path, you’ll also have to consider the factors that impact the cost of a house demolition. What's in your walls affects what it's going to cost Whether it’s a kitchen demolition, bath demolition or entire interior gutting of your home, there are five factors that affect the cost. For starters, the age of your home plays…

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What Are the Cost Factors for Gutting a House?

No guts, no glory.  That’s a saying usually reserved for athletes, soldiers and other combatants as a way to inspire greater effort. It also applies to investment properties where you want to maximize the potential. Sometimes it takes a complete gutting of the interior to reap the glory of higher resale value. However, there are some significant costs to consider when planning your house demolition. Four Major Costs Involved in Gutting a House Even if you’re a DIY-type, there is a significant demolition cost for a full-scale interior gutting. There are four major costs that you could incur during the process: first, you’ll need to contract a…

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Big Civic Parties and Bigger Clean Ups Require a Better Plan – Junk Out

Did you attend last year’s Toronto Raptor parade? Quite the spectacle, wasn’t it? Parades through the city are awesome regardless of the reason for them. Who doesn’t love a parade, right – except maybe the people who have to clean them up. It’s amazing how cavalier people can be with their garbage when they’re celebrating. That’s true on any scale, from large house parties to big civic celebrations. As the events scale up, planners should consider scaling up the services of companies that facilitate junk removal Etobicoke. The Bigger the Party the Bigger the Clean Up There are lots of public celebrations that occur across the GTA…

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Impact of Waste Disposal on the Environment – Junk Out

Yeah, Canada! We’re #1! We’re top dog! We’re the very best in the world. At what, you ask? Well, according to a recent study, Canadians produce more garbage per capita than any other country on earth. How’s that for a letdown? Despite all our efforts at building awareness of the environmental impact humans have, Canadians generate approximately 31 million tonnes of garbage year, ranking us at the top of the list. That’s not simply the garbage generated during a typical house demolition. The Impact Waste Generation Has on Our Environment Canadians produce 2.7 kilograms of garbage per person per day. Of all that different kind of garbage,…

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Eco-Friendly Junk Bin Rentals Help Reduce Local Landfills

Love her or hate her, believe her or not, you have to admire the spunk shown by Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg. To have the courage of conviction to stand up to corporations and inspire the world to action takes guts no matter who’s pulling the strings in the background. At the very least, her efforts give rise to a simple question – is doing nothing the best way to save the planet? The answer to that is obvious, which is why doing something is as easy as booking your next garbage bin rental. The Impact Of Eco-Friendly Junk Bins Rentals There are a lot of consequences…

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Noise Control Strategies for Demolition – Junk Out

With a high percentage of Canadians living in primarily urban areas, you’d think people would be used to noise, and for the most part, they are. What irks people most is when unexpected noise disrupts their lives – like the kind of inescapable noise related to demolition projects, both residential and commercial. To address this, it’s important to factor in noise control strategies when considering demolition cost. Noise Reduction Strategies for Demolition Let’s say you’re planning on a full residential garage demolition. There are definitely steps that can be taken to help reduce the impact of noise on neighbouring residents. The Noise Bylaw provides standards for noise…

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What type of bin fits your business needs – Junk Out

Every business has its unique needs and challenges. Considering how to effectively handle waste disposal can be high on the list of priorities depending on the type of business you’re operating or the industry you’re in. Hiring an experienced waste management company is a smart way businesses can determine the right choice for disposal bin rental. Pick the Right Garbage Bin for Your Business People operating small trade businesses are primary targets for dump bin rental. Take roofing contractors for example. Aligning a roofing business with a garbage bin rental company is a good business decision, as shingles need to be immediately collected and properly disposed of…

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