In an effort to flatten the curve, Junk Out is modifying our services effective March 19 to zero-contact bin rental and junk removal services.

If your junk needs can wait, we look forward to working with you when the pandemic has subsided.

Please, do not risk our front-line workers or your own health.

Wishing you and your family the best health during this difficult time.

Team Junk Out

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Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Mini Bin

Getting rid of garbage, junk, construction debris and demolition waste is not a simple chore. Environmental regulations must be adhered to; costs for dump runs continue to escalate; there are limits and restrictions on what can be left for curbside pick-up. It’s why smart businesses and residential or commercial property owners often rely on the services of bin rental Toronto companies like Junk Out. GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR MINI BIN RENTAL TORONTO SERVICE No matter where you are in the GTA or what job has necessitated your disposal bin rental Toronto, renting a dumpster helps make waste disposal and recycling of discarded materials much easier.…

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Prep for Your Spring Cleaning with a Bin Rental

Our worlds have shrunk. Rotating stay at home orders have meant spending more time in our living spaces than we might normally be spending. That means two things: we’ve likely become acutely aware of the amount of space being taken up by things we no longer need, want, or use. And secondly, our living spaces have become either excessively neat or in desperate need of a thorough spring cleaning. To start that process, call Junk Out for your junk bin rental. SPRING CLEANING IS A SEASONAL NECESSITY With the arrival of spring each March, two groups of people are awakened from their winter hibernation: the gardeners and…

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Make Junk Easier to Handle

Garbage removal is not brain surgery. It’s the process of getting rid of the things you no longer want or need. Perhaps it’s the end result of a sweeping house cleaning, a home renovation or a demolition. Regardless of the reason, there are ways you can make the process of removing junk easier with the help of Junk Out, home of bin rental Toronto. If you’re looking at a major clean out of your residential or commercial space, trying to declutter by removing useless junk, then simplifying the process is a good start. That begins with a call to Junk Out for disposal bin rental Toronto service.…

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How to Avoid Paying Extra for Your Rental Bin

At Junk Out, we make our money renting bins for waste disposal. The more you rent, the longer you rent, the more we remain a viable, profitable business. However, our goal is to offer customers an affordable and efficient rental option, so here’s a few tips on how to avoid paying more the next time you arrange your garbage bin rental. Different companies make money on junk bin rentals different ways. It’s important to know what charges you may incur with your waste bin rental, so take the time to research the fine print. Different sized bins rent for different amounts. Some charge different fees for the…

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What to do with Demolition Waste

Death and taxes are two unavoidable realities of life. The fact your demolition project is going to generate waste is another truth. As hard as you try to turn your demolition green by recycling as much waste material as you can, the fact is demolitions generate waste – that’s what “demolishing” something is all about. The question is, what’s the best way to handle the waste being generated during a house demolition. WASTE NOT, WANT NOT – WHAT’S THE BEST PLAN FOR DEMOLITION WASTE No matter what kind of demolition project you’re undertaking – whether it’s a small bathroom demolition or an entire house demolition – you…

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How to Decide Between Storage and Junk Removal

“To junk, or not to junk, that is the question.” With all due respect to Shakespeare’s classic Hamlet, the question is a valid one for home and property owners about to embark on an internal clean up. Cleaning out closets, spare rooms, basement storage, dusty attics or any room currently packed with things long forgotten can be a chore. Sometimes, the biggest task is deciding what to junk and what to put in storage, and that’s when you turn to Junk Out for junk removal Toronto. Step One: Taking Inventory of Your Stuff George Carlin once described a house as just another place to keep your stuff.…

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Choosing Between Bin Rental and Junk Removal

Having an option to choose is a basic tenet of our individual freedom. When it comes to cleaning up junk in your residence or on your property, choosing between a bin rental company and a junk removal service will depend on whether you want the freedom to do it yourself or to delegate the job to someone else. Our team at Junk Out knows, there are always times when the best choice is a junk bin rental. JUNK REMOVAL 101: WHO YOU GONNA CALL? When you’ve reached the point where you know you’ve got some junk to clear out, the first decision is choosing the right option…

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