In an effort to flatten the curve, Junk Out is modifying our services effective March 19 to zero-contact bin rental and junk removal services.

If your junk needs can wait, we look forward to working with you when the pandemic has subsided.

Please, do not risk our front-line workers or your own health.

Wishing you and your family the best health during this difficult time.

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How a Junk Removal Company Helps Your Summer Clean Ups

Spring clean up is an established ritual, fall clean up is gaining steam, but summer – summer clean up has yet to gain significant traction as a popular chore for property owners. It’s probably because there are literally hundreds of better options for Canadians to pursue in their limited summer season than facilitating clean ups. For those that have no choice but to clean up their junk, don’t worry: you have an ally for your junk removal projects. How Junk Out Can Help with Your Oakville Garbage Removal Whether it’s your closet, your kitchen cupboards, your basement, your crawl space, your shed or your garage, your summertime…

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The Cost of Junk Removal Services

Canadians like to talk the talk about clean energy, climate change, and environmental stewardship, but are we actually as green as we think we are? The answer is a resounding NO! Studies show that Canada produces more garbage per capita than almost any nation on earth, approximately 31 million tonnes or about 2.7 kilograms per person each day. Even worse, nearly 70 percent of that is not recycled. Simply put, we create a lot of garbage. The question is, what should you expect to pay when you need junk removal Vaughan? What Determines the Cost of Junk Removal Services in the GTA Like any other service provided…

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Top 3 Reasons to Hire Junk Removal Services

The reasons you would hire a junk removal service in Brampton seem rather obvious – you want to get rid of your junk. However, there are other important reasons to use professionals rather than asking a buddy with a truck to help you take stuff to the dump. Here are three very important reasons to hire professional Brampton junk removal. Knowing where your junk is going. A garbage removal Brampton service will have all the connections at local waste disposal facilities that accommodate all materials, from construction waste to metals, aggregates, old appliances, furniture, landscaping materials, and electronics. This saves you the hassle of trying to determining…

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What to Consider When Hiring a Junk Removal Company

Due diligence – it’s a term that loosely describes the reasonable steps a person should take in appraising something that needs to be done. Often that’s a legal requirement or something related to purchasing assets. However, you should always follow due diligence when hiring any business to do contract work on your property, and that includes junk removal Mississauga. Top 5 Things to Consider When Hiring Garbage Removal Mississauga Whether you’re in need of junk removal for residential or commercials purposes, there are things to consider before hiring a junk removal company. First of all, you want to hire an experienced company with a reputation for reliability.…

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The Importance of Sustainability and Junk Removal

There’s more to junk removal and waste disposal than picking it up from bin renters and dropping it off at landfills and waste disposal facilities. At Junk Out, our business includes finding ways to give back. That means incorporating a strategy of sustainability whenever we’re hired for junk removal Toronto. WHY IS SUSTAINABILITY SO IMPORTANT AND HOW DOES IT IMPACT OUR CITY There is a growing awareness about the environment and the impact human behaviour can have on it. That’s especially true in an urban environment like the GTA, where garbage and waste disposal is critical to ensure the city is not turned into one giant trash…

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How to Decide Between Storage and Junk Removal

“To junk, or not to junk, that is the question.” With all due respect to Shakespeare’s classic Hamlet, the question is a valid one for home and property owners about to embark on an internal clean up. Cleaning out closets, spare rooms, basement storage, dusty attics or any room currently packed with things long forgotten can be a chore. Sometimes, the biggest task is deciding what to junk and what to put in storage, and that’s when you turn to Junk Out for junk removal Toronto. Step One: Taking Inventory of Your Stuff George Carlin once described a house as just another place to keep your stuff.…

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Choosing Between Bin Rental and Junk Removal

Having an option to choose is a basic tenet of our individual freedom. When it comes to cleaning up junk in your residence or on your property, choosing between a bin rental company and a junk removal service will depend on whether you want the freedom to do it yourself or to delegate the job to someone else. Our team at Junk Out knows, there are always times when the best choice is a junk bin rental. JUNK REMOVAL 101: WHO YOU GONNA CALL? When you’ve reached the point where you know you’ve got some junk to clear out, the first decision is choosing the right option…

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Avoid Property Damage with These Bin Rental Tips

The arrival of a new year is always a great time to consider things like new renovations or perhaps even a new start based on letting go of old stuff – the boxes of junk and useless collectibles stored in the attic, in the closet or under the stairs. Renting a garbage bin is a great starting place when looking at junk removal Vaughan initiatives. Junk Removal as Easy as 1-2-3? At home, at the office or at any job site, garbage removal Vaughan efforts are easier when you rent convenient bins for garbage removal. As big and spacious as they are, garbage bins are large and…

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