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Choosing Between Bin Rental and Junk Removal

Having an option to choose is a basic tenet of our individual freedom. When it comes to cleaning up junk in your residence or on your property, choosing between a bin rental company and a junk removal service will depend on whether you want the freedom to do it yourself or to delegate the job to someone else. Our team at Junk Out knows, there are always times when the best choice is a junk bin rental.


When you’ve reached the point where you know you’ve got some junk to clear out, the first decision is choosing the right option between junk removal services and a waste bin rental. No one wants to be picking up junk and debris, so a junk removal service that does all the work for you can seem like a great option, and it can be. Hiring a team of professionals to take care of all the dirty work is liberating, especially if you’re conducting a full renovation or demolition and you don’t want the risk of getting skewered by nails, screws, wires, wood splinters, jagged metal or covered in dust and debris. In such cases, hire a junk removal company could be a good option over a garbage bin rental. However, there are other things to consider, and that’s where a junk bin rental from Junk Out comes in.


Sometimes there’s just a right tool for the job. That’s the case when it comes to clearing up your property and arranging a waste bin rental. Here are a few examples when that makes sense:
When money matters. Yes, hiring a full crew to come in and clean up your construction waste, household junk and yard waste is nice, but it can be pricey. With a junk bin rental, you save money and fill it up on your own time. A little DIY enthusiasm goes a long way to saving you money on expensive services.
Small jobs and simple solutions. Perhaps you just want to clear out a room or two. Maybe you’ve been saving boxes of magazines in the basement, or you have a small landscaping project that requires removal of leaves, grass cutting and yard waste. A garbage bin rental makes perfect sense for jobs where you can fill a bin over time.
Work to your own schedule. If you hire a junk removal service you need to be prepared. Time is money, and the more time it takes them the more it’s going to cost you, so you have to have all the junk packed and ready for their arrival. With a junk bin rental, you can rent for a longer period of time, and fill the bin in a manner that suits your schedule. No rush, no panic, no extra costs. You rent for a week and you get a week to fill the bin.
Environmental stewardship. When you work with Junk Out, you’re working with a company that works hard to help divert materials for landfills. When you’re tossing out materials that can be reused or recycled, Junk Out can help ensure they get to their destination.
Variety of choice. Pick the garbage bin rental that suits your job. With a junk removal service, you could have a job that’s too small to make it worth their while. With a bin rental you can decide.


No matter what the job, our team at Junk Out can help you determine the right size bin and customize your rental so you have the time to complete the job at your own speed.


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