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Cleaning Up After a Demolition Project

We’ve all seen images of a controlled demolition, when a huge structure is carefully imploded into a neat pile of rubble. Unfortunately, not all demolitions are so clean and precise. For most of us inspired to complete home renovations, cleaning up the mess created is one of the least enjoyable parts of the job, whether it’s a bathroom demolition or kitchen demolition.

Five Steps to Cleaning Up a House Demolition Project

It doesn’t matter if it’s a room or an entire structure, demolition projects create a lot of waste. Depending on how old the structure is, it could also release a lot of hazardous materials like old asbestos or lead-lined paint or pipes. The key to executing a successful bathroom demolition clean up is following these simple steps to stay organized.

Plot out the route you’re going to use to haul debris

Start by determining where the bin rental company is going to drop your bin. You’ll want to make sure there’s unblocked direct access to and from your bin to make hauling demolition debris back and forth as easy as possible. Try to avoid areas of uneven ground.

Section off the demolition project area

Demolition creates a lot of dust and debris. If you’re conducting a kitchen demolition and your air conditioning is running, dust will be circulated around the entire house. Tarp off the area and place covers over your furniture and electronics. If you’re conducting an entire house demolition you made need to ensure no debris falls onto adjacent property.

Demolish using best practices

You can’t simply start ripping out plumbing and electrical wires without addressing the consequences and the safety of your methods. Make sure water and electric is shut off so there’s no danger for those working on the demolition project.

Plan to reuse and recycle

Try to limit what goes to the landfill by removing debris with intent. Some items can be reused, like doors and fixture. Separate the materials headed for your garbage bin and those that could be recycled by the bin rental company.

Book your dumpster bin from Junk Out

Once your plan is in place reach out to our team at Junk Out to determine the size of garbage bin you need and the length of time you want it rented. We can help you determine the best bin for your needs and your budget. We offer quick delivery and pick up of your loaded dumpster.


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