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Dealing with Demolition Debris

From professional contractors to DIY-ers, the pandemic has meant a boom in home renovations. People isolating in their residential properties have had more time to finally start those small demolition projects that have been on the back burner for a while. Before you can sit back and appreciate your work, however, you have to have a plan in place to deal with debris from your house demolition.

Don’t Be Afraid to Have Someone Else Handle Your Junk

There’s enough stress involved in planning your kitchen demolition or your basement demolition without having to worry about all the details involved in properly disposing of your demolition debris. The simple solution is to have someone else handle your junk. Renting a big dumpster bin from a company like Junk Out can help ease the stress and worry that arises when you undertake any house demolition project. There is no escaping the fact your project is going to generate some serious demolition waste. If you’re in an older house, for example, the walls may be made of lathe and plaster rather than drywall. That’s some heavy construction waste to have to dispose of without use of a garbage bin. If you’re planning a kitchen demolition, you have be tossing out cupboards that could be reused or recycled. Taking that off your plate by contracting a company like Junk Out means you can complete the project while still employing green practices.

Using a professional junk disposal company like Junk Out simplifies your house demolition project. Simply call Junk Out to arrange your bin delivery, ensuring you have the space to properly maneuver around the bin. Fill it up with all the basement demolition debris you create, then call Junk Out to arrange pick up. It’s that simple and that convenient. It’s a much better option than doing it yourself, especially if you’re not someone used to completing such DIY projects. Having to dispose of such house demolition debris as old pipes, shards of metal, broken wooden trim, drywall, old ceiling tiles, toilets and faucets, sinks, unusable doors, flooring, and other materials is time consuming and difficult, especially if you don’t have a truck. Hauling it off to the local landfill takes time, effort, money, and a vehicle. Renting a dumpster eliminates all that DIY activity.

House Demolition Debris Requires Thoughtful Disposal

Where are you going to dispose of your old paint cans? Certainly not as part of your usual curbside pickup. Painting is a typical part of your kitchen demolition or your basement demolition, so having a dumpster you can toss the cans into at the end of your demo is a great solution. The same can be said for many older light fixtures that may contain bulbs containing trace elements of mercury. During a demolition you may decide that much of your old furniture, cabinetry, electrical fixtures like ceiling fans, tub enclosures, and carpeting needs to go as well. Demolition debris comes in many forms, and contracting Junk Out to facilitate removal is a great idea.

Dealing with debris is a hassle. Junk Out takes the hassle away. Call us to assist in the planning of your next demolition project.


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