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Differences between commercial, residential and industrial junk removal

No matter how environmentally friendly you are in the way your life your life, how green your business is in its practices, or how many recycled materials you use in your industrial construction, the simple fact is this: somewhere in the future there’s going to be a time when you need to get rid of some junk. If that weren’t true, there’d be no need for us to be working at Junk Out. However, getting rid of junk is not always as easy as leaving it for Toronto garbage pick-up.

At Junk Out, we rent a lot of our bins to garbage collection Toronto clients looking to clear out all kinds of materials they now consider to be junk. The materials they’re tossing fall into three primary categories. Residential garbage pick-up in Toronto usually focuses on the superficial things people want out of their house or place of residence, including boxes of junk stored in the basement or wholesale shed and garage clean-ups. Old toys, useless garden tools, mismatched electronics, old sports trophies, boxes of unwanted family heirlooms that have zero value other than sentiment – these are just a few of the items normally getting tossed into a residential bin rental.

Commercial junk removal, on the other hand, takes garbage removal services up a notch. At Junk Out, we often get hired for commercial Toronto garbage pick-up services where tenants have vacated units and left piles of junk behind, or when landlords have finished non-structural demolitions to improve the property for future tenants. Our commercial junk removal services are more than just a garbage pick-up in Toronto; we remove bigger materials that can’t be left for curb-side pick-up, including drywall, kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures, appliances and other items.

Industrial junk removal can take on many different forms; it may mean we source out and operate basic machinery to help decommission a job site, or to help facilitate a complete demolition service. We only remove non-hazardous items during our junk removal services, but for all other materials our team is ready to roll. Since 2005, we have offered complete garbage disposal solutions for residential, commercial and industrial customers across the GTA and beyond, with reliable, affordable dumpster bin rentals. When it comes to Toronto garbage pick-up services, we have the experience to get the job done right, and we recycle whenever possible. No job is too big or small for the team at Junk Out.


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