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Disposing of Construction Waste

Death and taxes may be two of life’s certainties, but there’s one more that tradespeople will willingly confirm: you’re going to generate waste and debris no matter whether you’re planning a small-scale or large-scale construction project. There are always residual materials left over; things like extra bricks or excess concrete, pieces of cut two-by-four, electrical wire clippings, small pieces of plumbing pipe, drywall pieces, and so on. It’s the reason why tradespeople who like a clean job site always arrange a junk bin rental.

Keep the Job Site Clean with a Construction Bin Rental

Let’s consider the process that goes into building a typical detached home. Once of the foundation is poured, the various tradespeople begin to arrive to complete their work: electricians, framers, plumbers, drywallers, and roofers. Each of those tasks will create waste and each job winds up with excess materials. The question is, what can you do with it? Here are a few options for both construction sites and for DIY projects around the home where construction waste may be generated:

  • Ensure there is waste bin rental on site. This is the simplest and most common method of dealing with excess materials on site. A junk bin rental gives tradespeople and job site labourers a simple way to keep the job site uncluttered from debris. Any company offering construction bin rental services can provide bins of various sizes depending on the size of the construction project and the estimated waste being generated. These can accept all types of construction waste, from bricks and blocks to plumbing and electrical debris. Bins can be easily arranged for drop-off and pick-up to coincide with the length of time required on the job site.
  • Reach out to a broader community via social media as a way to have materials cleared from your job site or construction projects. Not everything has to wind up in junk bin rental. There are many individuals who can put cast off materials to use in smaller projects. There are various marketplace platforms online via Facebook and Instagram full of people who will gather materials together for resale or repurposing. Just like seagulls, they can swoop into your job site and willingly pick up your scraps.
  • While it’s not always a good idea to invite the public onto your construction site, putting a sign out front offering left over materials free to whoever wants them can also help clean up your site. If you have old pallets kicking around that may have been part of a delivering of shingles, for example, posting a sign that offers them free to anyone that wants them can be a quick way to eliminate construction waste. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure – or perhaps their firewood. It doesn’t matter how they’re going to use it; all that matters is that they come take it way and zero cost to you.
  • Hiring a junk removal company might be a more affordable option than a waste bin rental. A company with a team that knows its way around a construction site could come in and conduct a fast and efficient clean up of your job site and your construction waste. Before committing to a junk bin rental, take the time to see what the associated cost of hiring a junk removal company might be.

Call Junk Out to Help Dispose of Your Construction Waste

The Junk Out team can offer more services than just a garbage bin rental. We can easily mobilize a team to handle your demolition just as easily as we can rent you a garbage bin. We have a full menu of services and a variety of garbage bin rental options perfect for any job.


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