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Eco-Friendly Junk Bin Rentals Help Reduce Local Landfills

Love her or hate her, believe her or not, you have to admire the spunk shown by Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg. To have the courage of conviction to stand up to corporations and inspire the world to action takes guts no matter who’s pulling the strings in the background. At the very least, her efforts give rise to a simple question – is doing nothing the best way to save the planet? The answer to that is obvious, which is why doing something is as easy as booking your next garbage bin rental.

The Impact Of Eco-Friendly Junk Bins Rentals

There are a lot of consequences to operating a consumer culture. One of the biggest is the amount of wasteful packaging created, most of which flows into your daily Toronto garbage pick-up. There are very few products you can buy that don’t generate some degree of waste, whether it’s organic, recyclable, decomposable or other. Planned obsolescence in the manufacturing sector – the kind the produces products easier tossed away than fixed – means homes and offices get cluttered with stuff that quickly gets labelled as junk. Garbage bin rental cost is so affordable with a company like Junk Out that it’s easy to get in the habit of annual spring and fall cleaning purges. However, at some point there has to be a realization that endless garbage bin rentals full of junk have to wind up somewhere, and that’s usually the local landfill. The positive impact of an eco-friendly garbage bin rental is obvious at this point. During every junk removal job, the team at Junk Out removes any item deemed to be donatable or recyclable. This keeps such materials from winding up in landfills, which has a positive impact on the local environment. How big an impact? Junk Out estimates that they manage to defer approximately 300 tonnes of waste a year from being sent to landfills as a result of their recycling efforts.

Not Everything Is Recyclable Or Donatable

Regardless of intentions, Junk Out can’t defer everything. Some items are simply not recyclable and have little worth to a company that deals with donations of used items. Junk Out does not handle hazardous material either. Those facts do not deter Junk Out from making a concerted effort to reduce the flow of materials heading into landfills. Sometimes all you can do is your best to make an impact. As it was stated earlier, doing nothing is not an option when it comes to making the best decisions for the planet – even if that means making the right choice when you’re in the market for garbage bin rentals.


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