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Find Out What Goes In The Green Bin

It may not cover all the colours of the rainbow, but your waste collection efforts can be determined by an array of green, grey and blue. Waste collection innovators have devised a great system to help municipalities and other great waste generators to divert various materials into recycling programs. The question many people cleaning out properties have is, what actually is allowed in a JUNK OUT green bin once you’ve arranged your garbage bin rental?

The Four Pillars Of Green Bin Recycling

When you arrange your green junk bin rental from Junk Out, it’s important to know what you can toss and what has to be funneled into a different bin. In reality, there are four distinct categories of waste acceptable for green bin recycling: food waste, yard waste, pet waste and miscellaneous recyclables. Let’s start with food waste items. Anything bound for human consumption – regardless of whether you think vegan diets can be classified as suitable human food – can go in the green bin. That includes remnants of all the food groups, from fruits, vegetables and meats to pits, skins, meat bones, seafood shells, bread crusts, pastries, condiments, and mouldy cheese. Scrape your plates of organic waste materials directly into your green bins; in addition, you can toss cooking oils, fats and grease – along with greasy paper towels. Yard wastes acceptable for green bin recycling include leaves and plants, small twigs, hedge clippings, weeds, cones and needles, hay, straw and flowers. While many city recycling programs won’t accept grass clippings, you can direct grass into your garbage bin rental cost includes grass recycling. Pet waste includes the obvious fecal gifts left by your pets, along with all types of kitty litter, animal bedding from pet cages, bags of pet fur, hair or feathers to expired pet food, treats, rawhide bones and birdseed. Miscellaneous recyclables include a variety of items. For example, while most paper products should go in a grey bin, things like food-soiled paper plates, towels and napkins, coffee grounds, coffee filters and tea bags, popsicle sticks, toothpicks, untreated lumber, charcoal barbecue ashes and even used facial tissues can all be put in a green bin.

Go Green With Junk Out

Storing large amounts of recyclable green materials on your property is an invitation for bugs, rodents and racoons. Arranging a junk bin rental from Junk Out is both affordable and wise from an environmental perspective; no one wants to be living or working in a building where organics are decomposing. Call Junk Out for a quick discussion on the size and type of bin you need to clear your property of unwanted green waste and all kinds of other materials, from yard waste to wedding albums. If it’s junk to you, it’s work for us. When it comes to junk removal Toronto services, we’re the company to trust.


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