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Four Main Reasons to Rent a Bin

There is no doubt Canadians generate a lot of garbage and wastes. Estimates suggest that more than 25 million tons of waste is created in this country each year; that’s an astounding three-quarters of a ton per person. Getting rid of the waste and garbage is critical to keeping our cities and neighbourhoods clean, which is why it’s important for people planning projects that produce waste to arrange a garbage bin rental.

Four Good Reasons to Arrange for a Junk Bin Rental

Every job is different. Renovations are different from full demolitions; spring cleaning is different from a complete removal of contents. Ultimately, however, when there’s waste and junk to be tossed as part of an activity, it’s good to arrange your waste bin rental in advance. Here are four good reasons to consider a garbage bin rental.

  1. You can rent a crew to conduct your clean up; or, you can save the cost of a full crew and get your junk bin rental delivered to your location. Once you have it on site, you can take all the time you need to conduct your clean-up on your terms. No need to adjust your schedule or work around the schedule of others. Fill it at your leisure, and when the job is complete your rental company will come take it all away.
  2. You CAN always get what you want, and what you need as well. Work with your garbage bin rental company to customize your bin rental to the size you need and the length of time you’ll need it. Big jobs require big bins; tap into the expertise of the rental company to arrange the exact size you need for the volume of waste materials your project is going to generate.
  3. With a waste bin rental, you can be certain any material that can be reused or recycled will not wind up in the landfill. Eco-friendly garbage bin rental companies work hard to mitigate the impact of garbage on the local environment. Lumber, appliances, paper products and other items that can be repurposed or recycled generally are. Outside of toxic materials, there’s not much that can’t go into your bin. This makes it easier to remove waste generated from renovations, demolitions, and other construction projects. Even yard aggregates can be removed. Talk with the company to customize your order.
  4. Reasonable rates make junk removal bins an affordable option. Hiring a clean up crew or jack-of-all-trades handyman can get expensive, and there’s insurance risks involved if they’re not truly qualified or licensed. Rent your bin for a pre-arranged amount and get cost certainty. There are a variety of prices for a variety of available bins. Find the one that suits your budget and you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs.

Rent from Junk Out and Get Your Garbage Bin Rental Confirmed

Our team at Junk Out is always ready to work with you to ensure your needs are met. We’re a professional waste management company that caters to residential, commercial, and industrial clients across the GTA and beyond. Call us for a quote or advice; we have the industry expertise to help you make the right decisions, along with affordable options.


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