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Hiring Professionals for your Demolition Projects

There are hundreds of stories that get shared every year by home and property owners who get burned by amateurish DIY contractors and jack-of-all-trades types who claim to be able to do any job including demolition. Given the risks, the liability, and the potential for things to go horribly wrong, it’s always a smart idea to hire professionals for your demolition projects, especially for a residential garage demolition.

The Right Steps to Professional Demolition Services

There is definitely a right path to follow for any Toronto house demolition project, and a professional demolition company in Toronto will always follow it to mitigate the risks involved in tearing down a structure. They include the following steps:

  • Secure all the right permits before commencing any work. Even if your garage demolition project is necessary to remove a crumbling garage, you’ll still need permits. Not having them could see you incurring heavy fines.
  • Prepare the building by shutting off all utilities, then proceed to disconnect things like water and gas. This work has to be done by qualified and licensed tradespeople.
  • Start at the top and work down. Anything on the roof has to be removed including satellite dishes, antennas, and even shingles if it makes the job easier.
  • Methodically start to remove internal structures that may be attached to walls, then removes the walls, windows and any other elements.
  • If the garage is being rebuilt, you can check the foundation to see if it’s still up to code and able to support a new build. If not, it must be removed along with all the other debris. A dumpster rental on site allows for easy and cost-efficient removal of all garage demolition waste material.

Work with Experienced Companies for Toronto House Demolition

Hiring contractors with a long history of successful residential demolition projects is the smart move every time. Professionals will not only have the expertise; they’ll also have the right equipment required to topple a garage in the safest possible manner. That includes anything from Bobcats to jackhammers to break up cement foundations. A professional can also indicate if there is any merit to deconstructing your garage rather than simply demolishing it; salvaging reusable or recyclable materials might help save you money on your rebuild.

Professionals are always licensed. That’s one of the first things you should ask when considering entering a contract with any company interested in your demolition project. Demolition contractors understand the process involved in safe demolition, especially if the garage is fully attached to a primary structure like a house.

The professional contractor will also arrange rental of the necessary dumpster bin required to remove debris and ensure you get the right size. Costs for such a project will vary and could include things like tool rentals, dumpster rentals, disconnecting of utilities by authorized personnel and costs associated with taking debris to landfills. All these things should be taken into consideration when developing your budget for the demolition.

Count on Junk Out for Demos, Dumpsters, and Debris Removal

If you’re considering a garage or basement demolition service, call Junk Out. Our team has vast experience in demolition services across the GTA. We can provide a quick quote and then complete the demolition in a professional manner on time and within your budget.


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