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How Bin Rentals are an Easy Solution During Home Renovation Process

Recent home renovation stats reveal some interesting things. A full 19 percent of home renovations were bathrooms. Another 15 percent were basement renovations and 13 percent were new deck construction. Ontarians contributed to 58 percent of all home renovations in Canada. Either people love their homes, or they’re looking to upgrade and sell. Either way, one of the necessary costs of a home renovation is the garbage bin rental.

Garbage Bin Rentals Help Make The Job Easier

Before you start your renovation ask yourself this question: what are you going to do with all the construction waste you pull out of the house. If you think industrial-strength garbage bags are going to enough to haul out jagged wood, drywall pieces, old cupboards, bathroom fixtures, piping, outdated wiring, insulation, flooring, tiles, light fixtures and other elements you might be replacing, think again. What you really need is a disposal bin rental to accommodate all the materials you will be tossing out. It is also important to consider the company you use when looking for your disposal bin rental Toronto service.

You have to be realistic about your home renovation. Unless it is a tiny renovation, it is more than likely going to take a few days. You do not want to pay for a bin rental that is going to be picked up in a day. At Junk Out, they offer a 14 day garbage bin rental period that allows you to take the time necessary to clear out your renovation waste. Many disposal bin rental companies only offer shorter rental periods which can be an issue during major renovations. Junk Out also offers a variety of bin rental options that can accommodate any size home renovation you may be undertaking.

Simple Steps To Renting Your Bin

Working with the team of professionals at Junk Out make the process of renting your bin much easier. A quick phone call and discussion about the type of renovation project you are considering will quickly help the Junk Out pros determine the size of bin you need. Choose from three different sizes, each with different load capacities. You can quickly determine the delivery day and the extended pick up date so there is no worry about having to rush your project. Junk Out will deliver the bin on time and set it up in a place that is safe and convenient for your needs, with an easy access to the bin for safe removal of materials. Once fully loaded, the bin will be picked up; if Junk Out determines some materials are recyclable, they will ensure those materials avoid being taken to a landfill. You can be certain your renovation project is a green one.

Home renovations can be stressful. Removing the debris from your home should be the least of your worries. With a residential garbage bin rental from Junk Out, you can eliminate the stress of junk removal and concentrate on completing the renovation in a clean and safe working environment. Learn more about the products and services offered by Junk Out.


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