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How Junk Removal Can Make You Some Money

There’s a story of a man who bought a painting at a yard sale for $25 that turned out to be a lost Jackson Pollock painting worth $15 million. The lesson here is simple: before you start getting rid of your junk, know its value. It’s important to know the difference between what to keep and what to sell – for everything else, there’s junk removal Brampton.

Maximize the Value of Your Junk Via Social Media

Starting the junk removal process to free up space in your property is a necessary act. That said, there are ways your junk removal process can net you some money. Clearing out junk and selling it is time consuming. You have to weigh out the benefits of selling junk versus the time and effort it takes to list it and haggle with people who want to low-ball you on price. Selling it is still a better option than simply tossing everything in your garbage removal Brampton bin; there’s a certain joy to be had gaining money for things you felt were worthless – it’s kind of like a divorce, but without the emotional turmoil. Here are a few platforms you can use to clear out your junk:


Go the online auction route. eBay shoppers love to buy stuff! Items are sold on the highest bid. This is NOT the site to use if you have expectations for getting the highest price. Ultimately the worth of your junk is determined by the price people are willing to pay. You’ll need to take some good pictures and promote your listing. If you’re selling higher ticket items this is a good site. Remember, big items have to be shipped!


This is a great site to move smaller things quickly and efficiently. LetGo is a go-to marketplace app designed to sell your stuff. Second-hand items like used cars, furniture, clothing, electronics and videos games are always popular on LetGo. Symbolically, letting go is what it’s all about, and this site helps facilitate those transactions.


This site has a dedicated following, with lots of people who log on to find bargains they can often resell for more. Everything from golf carts to old furniture can be found on KiJiJi; there are localized listings so you can shop in your immediate area. Before you book your Brampton junk removal to clear out all your stuff, try a few listings on KiJiJi. It’s free and effective for people wanting to clear out their junk.

Facebook Marketplace

There are many different groups on Facebook, from yard-sale groups to bargain seekers, usually localized in your city. Current algorithms will ensure your listings find the eyes of local people. Even posting junk on your personal Facebook page is an effective way to get rid of things.

Craig’s List / Amazon / Decluttr / Gazelle / Poshmark

Before you contract your garbage removal Brampton, simply Google “how to get rid of my junk.” There are all kinds of sites catering to shoppers of second hand and used materials. Which one you pick will depend on your own personal preference. Some are free; some can boost your post for a fee to expand your reach. If you’re selling something for $5 online it’s not really worth spending $10 on an ad. Use common sense and find the best platform for your needs.

Junk Out Is Always There to Clear Out the Rest of Your Junk

When you’re done making money from selling your junk, you might find you still have a house full of stuff you don’t want. That’s when you turn to Junk Out.


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