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How to Avoid Paying Extra for Your Rental Bin

At Junk Out, we make our money renting bins for waste disposal. The more you rent, the longer you rent, the more we remain a viable, profitable business. However, our goal is to offer customers an affordable and efficient rental option, so here’s a few tips on how to avoid paying more the next time you arrange your garbage bin rental.

  • Different companies make money on junk bin rentals different ways. It’s important to know what charges you may incur with your waste bin rental, so take the time to research the fine print. Different sized bins rent for different amounts. Some charge different fees for the weight of a fully loaded garbage bin rental. You could be charged excessive weight fees if, for example, your bin was left open and there’s a ton of rainwater inside along with all the junk. Know what you’re going to be charged for so you can make the appropriate plans when renting and loading.

  • There’s no point paying for the biggest bin if you don’t think you’re going to fill it. On the other hand, you don’t want to incur the cost of multiple pick-ups and drop-offs because you chose the wrong sized junk bin rental for the job. Take a good hard look at the materials, junk, garbage, boxes, construction waste or whatever material is it you’re tossing. Try to make the most accurate measurement. Ultimately, it’s better to have a bin that’s too big than too small, even if it does cost you a little more. You can always see if a neighbour wants to contribute junk – and money – to your waste bin rental to share the costs.

  • Determine materials that can be recycled or reused. Filling a garbage bin rental is the goal. However, if you’re tossing materials that can be reused or recycled you’re paying more than you need to. You can work with Junk Out to determine what should get tossed and what should be held back for recycling or donation. You can also try to sell junk or materials on buy-and-sell sites to generate some money that could ultimately pay for your bin rental.

  • Plan your project in advance so you can arrange your waste bin rental for the shortest amount of time. Booking it for one day only to discover it will take you two or three days to properly remove construction or renovation waste is a waste of your money. A bin should only be on site for the time period it takes to fill it. That shouldn’t be a long, slow process. Even if you’re a one-person operation, you should rent accordingly.


At Junk Out, we want to provide you with a transparent and affordable junk bin rental option for your needs. We offer no-charge consultations to help you discuss your project to determine the best possible option for your project. Whether you’re cleaning out a spare room or spending time renovating during a COVID-19 lockdown, we can still help you determine the best rental option.


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