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How to Decide Between Storage and Junk Removal

“To junk, or not to junk, that is the question.” With all due respect to Shakespeare’s classic Hamlet, the question is a valid one for home and property owners about to embark on an internal clean up. Cleaning out closets, spare rooms, basement storage, dusty attics or any room currently packed with things long forgotten can be a chore. Sometimes, the biggest task is deciding what to junk and what to put in storage, and that’s when you turn to Junk Out for junk removal Toronto.

Step One: Taking Inventory of Your Stuff

George Carlin once described a house as just another place to keep your stuff. However, sometimes that stuff can pile up, and so can the dust, mold, bacteria and uninvited mites, moths, beetles, cockroaches, mice, spiders and other creepy crawlies. Renting a garbage bin from a garbage removal Toronto company like Junk Out is a proactive move to initiating the process of reducing your inventory of stuff; with a bin sitting in the driveway, you have a visual reminder of the task at hand. The first step is then taking a good hard look at your inventory of stuff to decide what to keep and what to toss or recycle. There are all kinds of life hacks available to help you decide; if you haven’t worn it in years, if you haven’t moved it in years, if you haven’t used it in years, chances are you can live without it. Whether you toss it, recycle it or sell it is up to you; the most important thing is not leaving it where it’s sat for foreseeable future.

Step Two: Applying Labels to Your Junk

We’re not talking a physical label here; that’s something a hoarder would do, cluttering the house up with labelled boxes and trinkets and stacking them back up in some sort of masochistic game of junk Tetris. No, we’re suggesting you label the items in question as junk, recyclable material or valuable keepsake. You may need an objective helper to assist you in applying such labels; you don’t want to be hanging on to a stuffed troll doll you won at the C.N.E. fishpond back in 1972. No, when you’re in the process of making a real difference in your life by cleaning, you have to let go, and separating junk into one of those three categories can help make the clean up much more effective. Not only will you open up space in your property, but you’ll open up space in your mind as you free yourself from the shackles of materialism (yes, cleaning can have that kind of profound effect on you).

Step Three: Calling Junk Out

You’ve managed to separate your junk from your storable items; now you have to call Junk Out for junk removal Toronto services. With a bin rental, you can quickly clear out all the useless material you have classified as junk and have it hauled away; Junk Out will also determine what can be recycled to help keep some items from winding up in a landfill. If you need help, the team at Junk Out can also help you determine what to toss and what to keep, making the process much more productive and cost effective.


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