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How to Decide Which Bin Size You Need

It’s inevitable as a homeowner. It’s inevitable as a consumer. At some point, you’re going to generate garbage, compile waste material or classify something that used to have perceived value as junk. Thankfully, most people are responsible enough to realize you can’t just simply toss your junk out on the street or at the side of the road. That’s where Junk Out comes in – providing a solution for people who need bin rental Toronto.

It’s All About Size

If Junk Out only had a one-size-bin-fits-all solution, we wouldn’t be very competitive as a garbage bin rental Toronto option. Not all jobs generate a volume of material sizable enough to require a giant bin; on the other hand, renting a bin too small might become a point of frustration as you’d have to have the bin cleared out and redelivered, essentially doubling the time you’d need to rent the bin. For those reasons, Junk Out offers a variety of disposal bin rental Toronto options from which to choose. Here are some suggested parameters that can be used to determine the right tin for the job.

1. Five cubic yard bins. These bins measure 12 feet (3.66 metres) by five feet (1.52 metres) by 2 feet (.61 metres). These bins are primarily rented for aggregate disposal. This means materials like concrete, bricks and soil/dirt, which makes them perfect for DIY landscaping projects. In the spring when you’re trimming trees, planting gardens and removing branches and debris, a five-cubic-yard bin provides a great option for quick removal of unwanted materials. For renovation projects or demolition of garages or old structures, the bin is a perfect receptacle for broken brick and concrete that requires disposal.

2. Ten cubic yards. These bins measure 12 feet (3.66 metres) by six feet (1.82 metres) by four feet (1.22 metres). This bin rental Toronto option is perfect for smaller jobs like clearing out storage spaces, sheds, closets, old items that no longer have value and other smaller household items. The bin holds a surprisingly large amount of small junk and is easily delivered and picked-up.

3. Fourteen cubic yards. These bins measure 12 feet (3.66 metres) by seven feet (2.13 meters) by 4.5 feet (1.37 meters). This is the largest bin offered by Junk Out. This is the bin most often recommended for larger home renovation projects, demolitions that create a lot of waste, new construction job sites, and wholesale clean out of homes, offices and storage areas. This large capacity bin is designed to carry heavier loads and can accommodate all appliance and furniture removal, construction debris and all sorts of non-toxic materials.

Call Junk Out When Ready to Junk Your Stuff

No matter what type of project you’re considering, talk to Junk Out first to get a quick quote and an affordable solution to your disposal bin rental Toronto needs. Our team can help guide you through the process and help you determine the best course of action to take to complete your project. We can also ensure that materials get recycled to eliminate them from winding up in a landfill site.


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