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How to Effectively Reduce Waste on Construction Sites

From net-zero buildings to Green Star and LEED Certification, construction as an industry has been adapting to consumer demand to make residential and commercial construction more compliant to green building standards. However, one area that still needs to be considered is how to effectively reduce waste generation on construction sites. Reducing the amount of waste is also a great way to reduce demolition cost.

Steps to Reducing Construction Waste

The average home build produces more than 3,600 kilograms of waste. Given the ever-increasing cost of using landfill sites and higher building materials costs (especially during the Covid-19 pandemic), it becomes vitally important for companies to establish a comprehensive waste management plan that reduces waste generated and better deals with its disposal. This could save significant amounts of money, especially during a private house demolition. There are many simple steps that can be taken on a demolition Toronto job site to reduce waste. Planning ahead is the first step, especially when it comes to the rebuild design. Designing ceiling heights, roofing designs, plumbing, duct work and siding in common lengths can help reduce much of the waste related to discarded construction materials. Using the full length of a 2 x 4 x 10, for example, rather than cutting off 12 to 24 inches helps reduce a great deal of the wasted lumber often produced during a house rebuild. Consider the materials you need as well; can you use metal studs in some areas? What kind of drywall sheets will you be using? Efficient use of building materials will help manage the costs.

Keep Money from Winding Up in Your Dumpster Bin

Seeing what goes in o a dumpster during a house demolition is a clear reminder of the demolition costs above and beyond the purchase of new materials. Seeing all the old material simply tossed away is like watching your money being thrown into the garbage. Reusing and recycling is a wise move. For example, using scrap lumber for shims and incorporating it back into the construction project is a great way to reuse materials and help channel materials away from the landfill. Hiring Junk Out is another way to reduce waste. Our team can help you in determining a great plan for sorting out reusable materials from waste materials like packaging. Old skids often piled up at construction sites are a great example of wasted packaging that can be repurposed in multiple ways.

Reduce Waste with Help from Junk Out

Helping protect the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling is probably not a top of mind proposition for your construction and demolition crews. When you work with Junk Out, you can put an effective plan in place, or use their services to help make the process of waste removal easier and more environmentally friendly. Call us in advance of the start of your project to get a quote on dumpster bin rentals and to see what other services we can provide to help you save money.


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