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How to Gauge Bin Size for your Junk

Ever wonder how officials can look at the sea of humanity attending an event like the Toronto Raptors championship parade and provide an accurate guesstimate of the number of people attending? Our championship team of junk removal experts at Junk Out has a similar skill. We employ people who can look at a big, unwieldy pile of junk and make an accurate determination of the size of your required garbage bin rental.

How can you become a semi-qualified expert at estimating the size of the dump bin rental you require? If you’ve ever played Tetris or held a job packing groceries, you’re probably way ahead of the game. However, the real trick is just being able to visualize the junk you have fitting into a bin. At Junk Out we offer a variety of junk bin rental options; you don’t want to overspend by renting the largest size, only to find your junk only fills it up half way. At that point, you’ll be inviting neighbours to throw their junk into your bin just to fill it up, and no one wants to get into that situation. So here are a few tips to help you decide which garbage bin rental is best for your particular pile of junk.

For starters, if you’re planning on junking a bunch of oversized items that cannot be broken down for bin disposal, you may have to go with our most popular junk bin rental option: the 14 cubic yard bin. This can accommodate things like couches and metal shelving units that are very difficult to squash into neat, disposal squares. If the bulk of your waste is boxed or bagged, you can probably safely order our 10 cubic yard bin. This is still a large amount of space that could accommodate all kinds of household junk and non-toxic waste materials. When you do have larger items, you can do a rough estimate of the size of dump bin rental you need by doing some simply measuring. For example, if you have unwanted large furniture items, you can mean them to estimate the total number of cubic yards you require.

Ultimately, if you’re unsure about the size of bin you require it may be a smart move to order the 14 cubic yard bin. The cleaning out of junk in your house can be contagious, so discovering you have way more junk that can fit in your garbage bin rental can be disappointing.


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