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How to get started finding a demolition contractor

Not everyone has the desire or capability of handling major construction and renovation projects. Sometimes, you have to rely on professional contractors to do these types of jobs on your property. Unfortunately, not all contractors are created equal, so it’s important to conduct your due diligence when looking for a contractor to handle your house demolition.

Steps to Take Before Hiring a Contractor

Whether you’re planning a house demolition, garage demolition, or maybe a small scale basement demolition and reno, you need to find the right contractor. Everyone has heard the nightmare stories about hiring the wrong contractor. Here are steps to take to avoid becoming victim to a bad demolition contractor.


Seek recommendations from others. Social media is a great research tool to get opinions of people you trust. Once you have them, get more than one estimate. You don’t have to hire the first person who comes to your door. Compare the price, the length of time they’re suggesting for the job, and compare prices. Lowest price isn’t always best price. You get what you pay for.

Previous Experience

Do your research on their background. Check the Better Business Bureau for comments. Ask for their license and insurance. See if they’re willing to give you the name of references from past jobs. Any house demolition contractor worth his or her salt will gladly provide you with such information. Check their website to see how credible they are. Look for third-party reviews of their work. You’re about to spend some serious money so put the effort in.

Hire Local

Hiring local garage demolition companies is a good idea. They have a reputation in the community they most likely want to protect. They’re readily available and easier to contact. They should also be more familiar with local building codes and permit policies so there’s no snags later on in your demolition and rebuild.

Get it in Writing

Don’t pay up front and get everything in writing. An estimate can be a binding document. Ask for a detailed estimate. Establish the details of payment but never pay a contractor up front; if the contractor you’re considering for your garage demolition demands money first, move on to another choice. A credible contractor should have the resources – both financial and physical – to get the job done without you paying up front. Once the job is complete and you’re satisfied is the only time you pay out the contractor. Double check the details in your estimate to ensure all the negotiated elements were completed. There may be minor delays, which can be out of the hands on the contractor, so be reasonable.


Be in constant communication with your contractor. You can’t take a look at the work being done after the fact, only to find out something isn’t being done to your expectations. Keep the lines of communication open. Ask for transparency from your contractor; it’s your property and your money, so you have the right to ask questions. Don’t wait until the contractor and crew have packed up and moved on to another job before you raise your concerns.

Be Proactive and Hire Junk Out for Demolitions and Clean Up

Junk Out has a team of professionals that can handle non-structural demolitions to ready for property for renovation. Pick up the phone and let’s chat. We will offer a transparent quote and ensure you’re 100 percent satisfied with the price and the expectations before we start.


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