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How to Lose the Junk and Get Organized

How’s the feng shui in your home or apartment? Feng shui, of course, is a system of laws in Chinese philosophy that govern the spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy. It is often taken into account when designing buildings; how spaces are designed and filled could have favourable or unfavourable effects on your peace of mind. Chances are, a space cluttered with junk is going to negatively affect your feng shui, and no one wants that. Save your mind! Call Junk Out for junk pick up.

A Cluttered Environment Causes a Cluttered Mind

Forget what those clever memes try and sell you. A cluttered space is not the sign of intelligence, or tolerance, or enlightenment. A cluttered space full of junk is only appealing if you’re a five-star hoarder. Toronto junk removal companies can, in some small way, be considered mental health agencies, because once you clear your home, apartment, office or garage of mountains of unwanted junk, your mental state immediately improves. No one with a healthy, balanced lifestyle co-exists with piles of junk in their house. It’s a simple and unspoken truth. There’s something else at play here too. Many of us have trouble “letting go.” If we didn’t, divorces would be way less prone to drawn out litigation. Letting go requires a shift in mentality; letting go of junk requires a similar willingness to let go of things you once valued, but are now in fact useless, unwanted or unnecessary to have in your life. Letting go is liberating – and so is calling Junk Out for Toronto garbage pick-up services.

Leave the Junk Removal to the Professionals

Once you’ve made the profoundly life-altering decision to let go of your unwanted junk, your next move is obvious, and it’s not posting your transformation on Instagram. No, the smart move is calling Junk Out to get an idea of the cost of your junk removal or the service you may require. Junk Out offers bins rentals and junk pick up and junk removal service; you can DIY, or LUDI (let us do it – that’s a new acronym we just made up). Our rates are affordable – in some ways, they’re priceless, because you can’t put a price on the happiness you’ll feel after your junk is gone and your space is fan-freakin’tastic. You might even discover your feng shui improving, if you’re a believer in ancient Chinese philosophy. Either way, call the best Toronto garbage pick-up service. Call Junk Out.


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