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How to Stay Safe When Loading your Rental Bin

If everyone put safety first and used common sense, there would be lot less injury. After all, there’s a reason why people have to be told not to eat laundry detergent and hair dryers come with instructions that tell you not to use them in the bathtub. Renting a garbage bin should be a safe activity whether it’s a commercial or residential rental. Here are a few simple tips you can use to ensure you stay safe when using your waste bin rental.

  1. To make sure no one gets injured around your garbage bin rental, make sure everyone loading it is properly dressed. Hauling construction debris from your home reno project out to the dumpster wearing flip flops is simply not a good idea. On the other hand, appropriate gloves are essential to wear to avoid splinters or having things slip through your fingers. It’s never a bad idea to wear safety goggles either. You could be tossing shards of glass or splintered wood onto a dumpster load; having one of those pieces slip could take out an eye. Better to err on the side of caution.
  2. Be aware of items or areas around the junk bin rental that can pinch you. Gaps between the panels, hinges, and doors can catch fingers or tear clothes. Industrial safety gloves are a good defense against possible injury, but they are not guarantees against injury.
  3. Overfill means overkill. If you estimated properly, the waste bin rental delivery you get should be able to accommodate all the junk. However, sometimes you have more materials that you first thought you might. That doesn’t mean you can overfill the bin, leaving it dangerously topped up with materials that would be at risk of falling out should you move the bin. You may have to make two trips or rent another bin; that’s why it’s critically important to consider all you want to throw away before contracting your garbage bin rental.
  4. Put the lighter items on the bottom. The weight of heavier items will keep those lighter items from taking flight during transport. Things like paper, cardboard, plastics and things that can blow away should always be covered. You don’t want your dumpster to be leaving a trail of debris as it rolls through the neighbourhood. If you have massive volumes of garbage, you may want to consider a waste solutions company rather than taking the DIY approach.
  5. Ensure there’s a path to your dumpster that’s free of debris. If you are asking people to help you, it’s even more important. You have to mitigate risk of people being injured by stumbling or falling while carrying materials to the dumpster. Don’t leave things along the path; toss them in the bin to provide a safe environment.

Our team of professionals at Junk Out can help you choose the right bin for the job, and we can provide you with all the tips you need to stay safe.


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