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Impact of Coronavirus on junk removal

The year 2020 has presented some unique challenges for most industries including junk removal. With each epidemiological summary that comes out with information on the Covid19 crisis, the numbers continue to paint bleak pictures: over 7,400 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Ontario by early April, with an increasing death toll reinforcing the importance of self-isolation. For a business that relies on personal relationships, it’s a hard time for Junk Out to be offering services like junk removal Vaughn.

What Junk Out Is Doing During the Covid-19 Crisis

In an effort to flatten the curve, Junk Out took proactive steps to modify our services. In early March, we enacted zero-contact bin rental and junk removal services to protect both our employees and our garbage removal Vaughn customers. To keep business active during the crisis, Junk Out continues to rent bins; garbage removal is an essential service, and our commitment to garbage and junk removal Vaughn remains undeterred. Naturally, there are adjustments that must be made as we try to offer a full menu of services to customers in need while respecting the rules and regulations governing business in a time of social distancing.

Right now, our Junk Out team is committed to junk removal Vaughn services. Junk Out is mostly renting bins at this time. We are able to provide junk removal Vaughn services on curbside pickup; while we can’t be entering homes or condominiums to assist clients who may struggle with garbage removal, we can remove piles of garbage that have been set inside an accessible garage. If you require any of Junk Out services, or if your need is urgent, that’s the time to call Junk Out. We can work with you to ensure your needs are able to be met while providing fast, affordable service that is in compliance with new rules of public engagement.

Junk Out Continues to Modify Services

Your safety and ours remains our primary priority as we try to maneuver our way through this unparalleled period of social upheaval. We recognize there are a lot of differing views on how best to conduct business during this period. We want to ensure we can continue junk removal Vaughn services, and to do that we need to strictly follow safety guidelines designed to reduce the spread of the Covid19 virus. If your junk needs can wait, we will look forward to working with you the moment we get the green light to gather and interact publically. Until then, we will do our best to facilitate the need for garbage and junk removal Vaughn services. We appreciate your business – and your patience.

From all of us at Junk Out, stay safe and take precaution. Learn more about how we’re adjusting to meet demand during the Covid19 crisis.


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