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Junk Out: Toronto’s Most Versatile Junk Removal Provider

Across the Greater Toronto Area, we know you have options on countless junk removal services. But not all companies are the same. Some junk removal services have a fixed box on their truck, and others are able to lower the bin to ground level.

We believe you can fit more in a bin that is on the floor, than climbing in only the back of a flatbed. That means, that a full bin from one truck, may not be a full bin from another.

Our junk removal crews efficiently load our dumpster bins. At ground level we can break items down, easily walk in the and disperse the junk, packing it level. We’re also able to load from all four sides of the garbage bin, so we can find lots of pockets when throwing loose waste. But we aren’t just ninja-like space savers when getting rid of your junk.

We are also trained and equipped to deconstruct your junk. Say for example, you have a junk pile, and one of the items is a large cabinet. We will deconstruct it before loading it in a bin, saving you on volume and money. So, if you also want that old basement cabinetry deconstructed and removed, we can help dismount and dispose. But, if you’d prefer it be donated, we can happily accommodate too. Now how many companies can do that for you?

Or what if you need a bin for a couple of weeks, but require two strong individuals to help load a few things first? We are happy to help! From renovation waste to a hoarder’s house that needs a lot of help, we have provided junk removal to thousands of happy customers. We are literally, happy to help.

If you find yourself buried in junk, you might feel stuck on where to start. And sometimes doing the junk removal job yourself isn’t possible, or just time-consuming and too difficult. The repetitive lifting can also lead to injury, especially if there’s a lot of heavy items in the way. To save yourself time, money, and potentially getting hurt, you might consider Junk Out to help pick up your junk.

It doesn’t matter if you want to clean out your home, garage, storage shed, or commercial building, having help can be beneficial. If the waste is nonhazardous and its needs to be disposed of, then a Toronto junk removal company like Junk Out can help you get your space back.

Below are some reasons why you should have your stuff removed by Toronto’s most versatile junk pick up company.

1. Avoid Back Pain
If you’ve ever tried to move out a lot of trash from your home or business, you know that it can get super heavy really quickly. Avoid the back pain and get someone to help you. This can be incredibly beneficial if you have large items such as furniture that has to be removed.

Instead of risking hurting yourself or your friends or family, just call the professionals. We have the skill and equipment to remove all your junk.

2. Minimize what ends up in Landfill
Most people have not seen a landfill, but if you just google images, you’ll quickly discover how much waste we create as a society. We can help coordinate for your items to be donated, and for a service fee, we can even load your donatable items if you are unable to arrange this yourself. We offer you fast and reliable junk pick up services, but also help to recycle metals and donate things that have a second life left. Calling Junk Out ensures that you the right team and right equipment to get your junk off your mind, out of your space, and out of your life.

3. We keep your site tidy
When it comes to moving out lots of waste from your home, there’s a chance of running into walls or scuffing floors. We are mindful of how we move in your space. We take the time to first protect your driveway before we start. Then, any areas that require special care are addressed, and an action plan created. We take the time to set up our job (yes, even a simple junk removal job requires adequate preparation).

4. We are sensible about protecting our environment
A lot of companies who do junk removal are able to recycle or donate some of your junk, but will they separate all materials to ensure metals and electronics are also downcycled? We make sure to do this. This can be incredibly advantageous for the environment, as it will keep things like wires, motors and electrical components, and appliances out of the landfill.

Cleaning your home, storage shed, garage, or commercial space can be a challenging job. Instead of trying to take the task on yourself, call in the experts. At Junk Out, we have the time and expertise to help you get rid of your stuff. Give us a call today!

5. You take junk out, we take junk out, or we demolish.
Just like it sounds. With us, you’ve got options. You can call us to coordinate a bin rental. We will deliver a bin to your driveway and you have 14 days to load the bin yourself. Take your time to sort through, have a little dance party in it, whatever you see fit. The bin is yours to use.

We take junk out. Ask us for junk removal assistance, and we will provide a bin and two strong and capable individuals to load the bin efficiently. We remove all your junk from site and drive off as quickly as we came.

We demolish. We are also licensed to demolish your space. If you have non-structural walls to remove, or floors to rip, or a bathroom to gut, consider calling the professionals. Junk Out has all the gear, know how, and safety equipment to do it right, and leave your space clean and tidy, ready to build on!


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