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Keeping Water Out of Your Mini Bin

Have you ever seen what happens to a piece of medium-density fibreboard (MDF) used to manufacturer cheap furniture and cabinetry when left out in the rain? If you’ve witnessed that intense MDF swelling phenomenon, then you’ll appreciate the reasons why keeping water out of your mini bin rental Toronto is a good idea.

You can plan a picnic but you can’t plan the weather – that’s an adage that also applies to the day you arrange your garbage bin rental Toronto to be dropped off. When the rain or snow starts falling, junk and debris aren’t the only things that will be finding their way into your mini bin. And there’s a funny thing about water – it’s heavy! If you’re being charged by weight for your disposal bin rental Toronto, then you’re going to wind up paying more for your rental, and no one wants to pay more. That’s why you should follow these suggestions to try and reduce the amount of water and wet materials getting tossed into your mini bin rental Toronto.

Watch the Weather Network

There’s no job more secure than being a weather person; even if you’re wrong, you can simply blame it on the weather. As someone planning a clean up, renovation, or demolition, you can’t afford to guess, so monitoring your most trusted weather source for the right day to rent is a good idea. You can work with your rental company to ensure you get a little flexibility on the date; a good company will want to work with customers to ensure their disposal bin rental Toronto service worked out. You might also be able to rent a bin with a drain. Ask the question.

Choose Options with Lids

Whenever possible it’s best to rent from a company that offers garbage bin rental Toronto options with lids. It simply makes the job of keeping unwanted materials out of the bin much easier. The cost may be more for the bin up front, but it could save you money if you’re paying by weight and your bin is a third full of water. You can also fabricate a lib using a tarp to ensure nothing but waste winds up in your bin. Do whatever is necessary to keep your bin free of water.

Only Dispose of Dry Items

You may be planning on cleaning up the yard and disposing of water soaked lumber, brush, or furniture that has been left outside. Ideally, you would wait until these items have managed to dry out before you load them into your mini bin rental Toronto. This could reduce the overall weight of the load and help save you money.

No Liquid Waste in the Bins

Most of the items that would in liquid form would normally not be allowed in a dumpster. Things like old gasoline, solvents, flammable liquids, oils, antifreeze, and paints should never go in your mini bin rental Toronto. These require a different method for disposal outside of your bin rental. Trying to hide them in the bin is never a good idea either. Upon disposal your rental company may discover the waste materials which could result in high costs or a breach of the contract you signed.

Whatever your disposal needs are, call Junk Out first.


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