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Disposal and Garbage Mini Bin Rental Toronto

Without wasting space, the city of Toronto hosts a population of over 6 million: Canada’s largest city. Only behind Mexico City, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Houston Texas, Toronto is the 7th largest city in North America. This figure of course encapsulates the Greater Toronto Area (Peele, York, Halton, and Durham). In 2016, the city recorded over 942, 700 tonnes of mixed waste and recyclables.   That’s over 2 billion pounds of dumpster waste – wow!  This information is at anyone’s disposal, located on the city of Toronto’s Long Term Waste Strategy – Integrated Solid Waste published report of 2017. Disposal and Garbage bin rental in Toronto is a growing industry. With more citizens joining every year, the average waste of 638kg per person continues to climb.  Toronto rental properties and Toronto households alike produce the bulk of this waste profile through general household food waste, renovation garbage, and dumpster garbage. Junk Out provides disposal and garbage mini bin rentals in Toronto for laneway and driveway deliveries.  The dumpsters are easy to enter and the garbage can be loaded by hand. A disposal bin rental in Toronto can be rented conveniently by calling Junk Out at 416-253-7533 Toronto waste bins can also be rented by emailing our dispatch team at or

The follow junk list is a summary of the garbage waste Junk Out accepts in our dumpsters:

Garbage Disposal Waste we CANNOT accept in our Toronto Mini Bins are:

Dumpster Rental Toronto

Torontonians dump waste from their rental units all the time.  A Junk Out dumpster provides the appropriate space and size anyone requires to properly and safely dispose their garbage. Junk Out dumpster and garbage bin rental in Toronto’s Pricing can be found right here on our website.  We are a cheap small bin rental provider with excellent service. Call 416-253-7533 for more information about our service for dumpster mini bin rental in Toronto.

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