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Need of Rental Bins While Deconstructing a Wall

Walls come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Modern construction has certainly made drywall a standard building material, which means some walls are thin enough to punch a hole in every time the Leafs get eliminated from the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Then again, older homes made of lath and plaster are definitely a challenge when it comes to renovation time. That’s when it’s vital to coordinate your bin rental Brampton.

Things to Consider When Tearing Down Walls During a Reno Project

Tearing out a wall isn’t as easy as calling your buddies, buying a case of beer and letting the sledgehammers fly. There are things to consider in terms of construction integrity, safety, environmental concerns (i.e. what’s in the walls) and of course, construction debris disposal. There’s where the disposal bin rental Brampton comes in. Here are a few of the important elements that need your attention during a wall deconstruction.

1. Know Your Walls – A small room sectioned off by a simple wall of drywall and 2 x 4s can normally be ripped out quickly and easily. What you have to ensure before you tear out any wall is that it isn’t a load-bearing wall. The reason is right in the name; tear out a load-bearing wall and you can quite literally cause a collapse. Check to see what’s below and above the wall, and what weight it might be bearing. Your small wall renovation could quite quickly become a total rebuild by tearing out the wrong wall. At that point, you’ll need a really big garbage bin rental Brampton to dispose of your house.

2. Remove Things IN and ON the Wall – Lots of walls have doors in them. Remove the doors before starting your tear down. Get ride of the trim, the hinges, the frame brackets and any other remaining pieces. Tear off the trim along the wall and any crown molding up top. Doors can be reused. Trim is cheap and should be toss right into your bin rental Brampton to keep your construction area clean and safe.

3. Deal With The Electrical Safely – Most walls will have electrical fixtures on them, which means electrical wires in them. Telephone wires and television cable could also be running through the walls. Before you tear off one piece of drywall or cut through one beam, you need to ensure the electrical is off. Uninstall all of these elements and ensure they are disposed of properly in your bin rental Brampton.

4. HVAC and Plumbing Need to Be Carefully Removed – Some walls could have cold air return built into them, or even hot air ducts running down the walls. Water pipes are also a concern. If they’re in a wall you’re permanently removing, you’re going to have to consider where you’ll be rerouting the plumbing. A lot of these materials can be sharp and jagged when ripped out of a wall. Ensure the safety of whoever is helping with the deconstruction and put those materials safely into your bin rental Brampton.

Trust Junk Out for You Disposal Bin Rental Brampton

If all those concerns have you rethinking your DIY project, you could get the demolition team from Junk Out to do the job for you. Regardless of who’s doing the job, make sure you have the right garbage bin.


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