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Noise Control Strategies for Demolition

With a high percentage of Canadians living in primarily urban areas, you’d think people would be used to noise, and for the most part, they are. What irks people most is when unexpected noise disrupts their lives – like the kind of inescapable noise related to demolition projects, both residential and commercial. To address this, it’s important to factor in noise control strategies when considering demolition cost.

Noise Reduction Strategies for Demolition

Let’s say you’re planning on a full residential garage demolition. There are definitely steps that can be taken to help reduce the impact of noise on neighbouring residents. The Noise Bylaw provides standards for noise in Toronto. This includes decibel limits and time restrictions for some types of noise. Applications for noise exemptions to work outside of the permitted hours are available as long as they meet the application requirements. To ensure compliance, the first step to take when undertaking a garage demolition is to do some homework to determine how high noise levels might climb considering the scope of the job and the equipment being used. It would probably also be a good idea to let neighbours know there will be periods of noise during the demolition. Working collaboratively with neighbours can help mitigate any issues or complaints. In addition, taking steps to monitor and control noise during both exterior and interior demolition Toronto projects is simply a smart move. Restricting work hours to formal business hours is also a good strategy; however, given the nature of large cities, there will always be people who work at night and sleep during the day. That reality cannot be avoided, but it can be handled in a sensitive manner. Sticking to a reasonable schedule and restricting use of the loudest machinery to certain times in the day helps minimize disturbance to those mostly affected by the demolition work.

Junk Out Demolition Team Works to Mitigate Noise Issues

Demolition cost is high enough without having to deal with potential fines for violating noise bylaws during garage demolition or interior demolition Toronto projects. Working with a company like Junk Out ensures you have an ally in keeping noise to a minimum. The fact is, noise is always going to be a by-product of building demolition, construction work or renovations. Big noisy machines, loud crews, hammering and vehicle noise will have to be dealt with. The customer service professionals at Junk Out strive to make demolitions run as smoothly as possible. For demolitions and garbage bin rentals, call Junk Out.


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