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Options for Removing Interior Demolition Debris

The spiraling cost of buying a new home has many people considering interior demolition and renovation of their current property. Demolitions can be a challenging undertaking given the expertise required to safely execute such a major property overhaul. One of the most important things to consider is the method you’ll use to handle removal of waste materials generated during your demolition in Toronto project. 

Options for removing debris from your renovation

There are many different ways to clear debris from your house demolition, each with their own costs and advantages. These include the following:

  • Hire a professional company like Junk Out for your non-structural demolition and debris removal services
  • Contract a roll-off container and have your own crew fill it
  • Haul the debris to local landfills

When it comes to hiring a professional company for projects like interior or garage demolitions, it’s important to go with a company that has extensive experience in completing such projects. A full-scale interior demolition is going to create massive amounts of debris, including piles of drywall or lathe and plaster, fixtures, electrical wire, plumbing components, lighting, and so much more. Throughout the process of your demolition in Toronto project you’ll want to keep your work area clear of debris, primarily for safety . A professional company can also spot things like asbestos or mold that could jeopardize the health of workers completing the project. A company like Junk Out can provide a team of professionals who can quickly, efficiently, safely, and affordably, take care of your interior demolition and remove the waste generated. Our team will also help reuse and recycle any materials that can be repurposed in future construction projects. 

Contracting a roll-off container to have on site can also be a good option for the removal of your debris. You will have to provide any company dropping off a container with a suitable site for drop-off. You’ll want to make sure your garage demolition crew will have ample space around the dumpster to allow for the steady stream of people carrying debris out of the house for disposal in the dumpster. You’ll also have to determine how much debris you may be creating, as you may need more than one dumpster by the end of your project. Each additional trip will cost you money, so it’s important to budget accordingly. A professional junk removal company can come in and access your project to help you determine what you’ll actually need. 

A final method of removing junk and debris from your house demolition would be to use your own truck or trailer to haul it to local landfill sites. You’ll first have to ensure they will accept construction debris, and then take the time to fill your trailer is a safe manner for transport.  You may need ropes and tarps to cover it so they’re no dust or particles blowing out of your trailer during transport. 

Trust Junk Out for your demolition projects 

Our team at Junk Out can complete your non-structural demolitions safely and affordable. We can also provide you with the appropriate disposal bins for any job.


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