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Save yourself lots of Money on your Bin Rental

Cleaning out your home, garage, or storage shed can be a huge job. If you’re anything like me, you may have gathered a lot of things over the years. At one point, they were useful, but then they became clutter. So, it’s time to get rid of it! And how better to do that than to have Junk Out deliver a dumpster right to your driveway?!

But downsizing or decluttering your home can turn into an expensive ordeal. In an effort to make it cost-effective for you, we put a list of tips together that make renting a garbage bin in Toronto a little easier.

1. Donate or give away first
Donation centers such as Furniture Bank, Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, and Value Village are just a few of the many places that will take your unwanted furniture and clothing. So before calling us, you should consider recycling – perfectly fine items don’t need to go right to a landfill.

If you can’t make it to a donation center, or find a second life for your unwanted items amongst your family and friends, Junk Out can assist you.

Just mention that you’d like us to donate your items when you call, and we will arrange a crew to visit you.

2. Pack your bin efficiently
If you’re looking to lower the garbage bin rental cost, try to break down all your items before throwing them in the bin. This ensures you will rent fewer bins in you waste management project. Keep loading the bin level and even. As you throw more junk in your bin, be sure the waste rises to the top of the bin evenly. Don’t be afraid to dumpster dive!! Well, DO NOT dive in a bin, but (SAFELY) step in there once in a while and settle things around. You’d be amazing how much more space you create. (P.S. – Junk Out also provides Junk Removal services. We are experts at loading waste in our bin, and if you’re concerned about loading a bin well, you may be best to ask us to do it).

3. Don’t overfill the bin
An overloaded waste bin cannot be safely transported. This means when our driver picks up your bin, he or she will use their discretion and safely remove contents that prevent a safely tarped bin. As this is a task that requires care and time, so Junk Out charges an additional $75 as a bin levelling fee.

4. Manage your time well
While most companies rent their bins for 7 days, we give you up to 14 days. But after that, we need our bin back to keep other customers satisfied. After 14 days, Junk Out charges $15/day to rent our bin. To avoid this cost, have a plan. Manage your waste and go through as much as you can before calling us. Then, it’s a matter of disposal and execution. You want to get yourself to a position of readiness so that when you call for a bin, you already know exactly what you’re keeping and what you are tossing. This way, you won’t be overwhelmed and spend more than 14 days to load it.

5. Get Neighborly!
Don’t have a lot to get rid of? Consider calling up your neighbor and sharing bin. It’s a great way to lower your garbage bin rental cost. If you can make it work between the two of you, you could save some money.


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