In an effort to flatten the curve, Junk Out is modifying our services effective March 19 to zero-contact bin rental and junk removal services.

If your junk needs can wait, we look forward to working with you when the pandemic has subsided.

Please, do not risk our front-line workers or your own health.

Wishing you and your family the best health during this difficult time.

Team Junk Out

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Getting Demolitions Done Safely With Professionals

Building demolition sometimes is necessary but is never as easy as it seems. Although it may appear as easy destruction and display of chaos; however, it is pretty challenging. It requires critical planning and effective mechanisms to be done safely and correctly. When building demolition is done correctly, it can be pretty well-organized and not threaten lives and properties. Therefore, it is essential to hire the services of a reputable demolishing company to achieve proper building demolition in Toronto. This is because reputable demolition companies with years of experience understand the act of building demolition. They can securely demolish buildings and even tell how commercial and industrial…

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How to get started finding a demolition contractor

Not everyone has the desire or capability of handling major construction and renovation projects. Sometimes, you have to rely on professional contractors to do these types of jobs on your property. Unfortunately, not all contractors are created equal, so it’s important to conduct your due diligence when looking for a contractor to handle your house demolition. Steps to Take Before Hiring a Contractor Whether you’re planning a house demolition, garage demolition, or maybe a small scale basement demolition and reno, you need to find the right contractor. Everyone has heard the nightmare stories about hiring the wrong contractor. Here are steps to take to avoid becoming victim…

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What to do with Demolition Waste

Death and taxes are two unavoidable realities of life. The fact your demolition project is going to generate waste is another truth. As hard as you try to turn your demolition green by recycling as much waste material as you can, the fact is demolitions generate waste – that’s what “demolishing” something is all about. The question is, what’s the best way to handle the waste being generated during a house demolition. WASTE NOT, WANT NOT – WHAT’S THE BEST PLAN FOR DEMOLITION WASTE No matter what kind of demolition project you’re undertaking – whether it’s a small bathroom demolition or an entire house demolition – you…

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What Materials from the Demolition Sites Can Be Reused or Recycled?

Junk Out is a waste removal company with a policy of trying to recycle as much material as possible. Diverting junk, construction waste and other materials from landfills and reusing/recycling it is simple a great policy. Best of all, doing the right thing doesn’t add to your demolition cost. What Can Be Recycled and How? With any house demolition waste materials will be generated. Not all of them can be recycled. A basement demolition, for example, might turn up materials that have to go straight to the landfill. Junk Out recycles approximately 17 percent of the materials removed from house demolition projects and diverts 10 percent of…

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