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Did you attend last year’s Toronto Raptor parade? Quite the spectacle, wasn’t it? Parades through the city are awesome regardless of the reason for them. Who doesn’t love a parade, right – except maybe the people who have to clean them up. It’s amazing how cavalier people can be with their garbage when they’re celebrating. That’s true on any scale, from large house parties to big civic celebrations. As the events scale up, planners should consider scaling up the services of companies that facilitate junk removal Etobicoke. The Bigger the Party the Bigger the Clean Up There are lots of public celebrations that occur across the GTA…

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What considered as Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste Materials?

There are three main types of consumer goods: durable goods, nondurable goods, and services. Consumer goods – often called final goods – are the end result of production and manufacturing and are the types of products a consumer will see on the store shelf. A durable good is one that is meant to last – for example, a brick might be considered a durable good because it should hypothetically never wear out. As for services, that’s what our team at Junk Out provides when you’re ready to toss your unwanted, damaged or worn-out consumer goods, durable goods and non-hazardous industrial waste materials into the rental bin: junk…

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Why You Should Recycle and Donate First, Before Calling Us – Junk Out

At our current rate of consumption, life on earth is unsustainable. It’s a fact. Sadly, the amount we consume dwarfs in comparison to what we throw away. Recent studies indicate that Canadians produce more garbage per capita than any other country on earth – nearly 2.7 kilograms per person per day. In Toronto, even with a 60 percent diversion through green bins and recycling, city residents toss out a collective average of 2,200 metric tonnes per day. It’s why we at Junk Out are firm believers in recycling, even though our business is junk removal  in Toronto. When you’re looking for convenient, affordable junk removal services, we…

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