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The Cost of Garage Demolition

The high cost of housing has more property owners considering renovation over purchasing new. For some, that means taking a good hard look at all the possibilities involved in a redesign, and that includes new plans for any existing garage structure. When you’ve come to a conclusion that the garage must go, it’s time to call Junk Out to discuss the cost of garage demolition.

Things to Consider When Demolishing Your Garage

There are two basic steps involved in demolishing your garage:
1. Getting a permit
2. Working out the logistics including cost

It’s not any more complicated than that. Before you start demolishing an attached garage, you must secure a proper permit from your municipality. Receiving a fine for moving forward without having a permit issued will certainly add to your demolition cost. Once you receive it, you can start to work out the logistics of your garage demolition and removal cost. When demolishing an attached garage, you are removing both the structure and the foundation, so you will need to consult with a structural engineer. Understand that removing an attached garage over a detached garage or shed will certainly add to the cost of your garage demolition.

So what are the biggest expenses involved in a garage demolition and removal cost? Naturally, the overall cost will depends on the size of the structure, the materials from which it is made and the location. However, regardless of those variables, the disposal and labour involved in a garage demolition will always be the two determining factors in your demolition cost.

Work with Junk Out to Make Garage Demolition Easier

Junk Out is more than just a garbage bin rental company. We are a versatile waste management company that can help to facilitate all the required labour and ensure all debris is removed from the demolition site. When you’re doing the demolition yourself or hiring an independent crew to do the work, you can still contact Junk Out to come in and remove all the resulting mess from your demolition. We can deliver bins you can fill yourself, or we can roll in with a team of waste management professionals to do the work quickly, safely, affordably and in full compliance with any regulations governing your site and type of demolition. We are a leading waste management company with thousands of successful demolitions completed across the GTA and beyond. Before you sign with any demolition company or begin working on your garage demolition, give us a call to discuss what services we can provide to help make your job easier and problem free.


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