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The Importance of Sustainability and Junk Removal

There’s more to junk removal and waste disposal than picking it up from bin renters and dropping it off at landfills and waste disposal facilities. At Junk Out, our business includes finding ways to give back. That means incorporating a strategy of sustainability whenever we’re hired for junk removal Toronto.


There is a growing awareness about the environment and the impact human behaviour can have on it. That’s especially true in an urban environment like the GTA, where garbage and waste disposal is critical to ensure the city is not turned into one giant trash heap. Garbage removal Toronto services like ours are essential services; all you have to do is look back on the last garbage strike in Toronto to remember how important it is to have reliable options available for the removal of junk, trash and waste materials.

At Junk Out, part of our mission is to act as good stewards for the environment. It’s why we take a green approach to junk removal. The more materials we can keep from winding up in landfills the more impact we can have. That means working together with clients, educating them on the importance of sustainable waste moveable. We strive to ensure more materials can be downcycled, recycled or repurposed.

Whenever we are hired for junk removal services Toronto, we analyze the contents of the materials being dumped with the intent of recycling things like paper and metal. We’re also firm believers in giving back, so we often donate furniture that’s still in good condition to the Furniture Bank. This organization coordinates with over 90 different community agencies in Toronto to provide dignified furniture to women and children living in shelters, people transitioning from homelessness and newcomers and refugees to Canada.

This helps keep it from rotting away in a landfill and instead helping out people who may be in need of inexpensive furniture options. It’s a win win for the community and for environmentally-minded people who work hard to reduce waste.


When you contract a junk removal Toronto service like Junk Out your first thought is focused on getting rid of the unwanted materials crowding your home, office, commercial or industrial property. However, we encourage you to consider the impact of the materials you’re tossing. Can the volume headed to the landfill be reduced with a little effort? Can you sort through your unwanted items to see what might be sold, recycled or repurposed? Yes, it takes a little more time and effort, but the results will be rewarding.

Less junk to toss out means less money you’ll have to pay for your garbage removal Toronto service – perhaps as a result of requiring a smaller bin, or perhaps as a result of having less to toss out. Either way, you’re helping to support your community and quite possibly lower your carbon footprint.

We all have a part to play in being good stewards for the Earth. It shouldn’t take a shaming from a 14-year-old Swedish climate-change activist to make us consider what we’re doing to the Earth. Working together with Junk Out on your disposal needs can have a positive impact on our local environment. When we think globally and act locally, we’re all contributing to a solution.

When you’re in need of junk removal services Toronto, think Junk Out.


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