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Things To Consider With a Bathroom Demolition Project

Bathrooms and kitchens – they’re two of the biggest features people look at when buying a home. They’re places we spend the most time in and, given the fact that familiarity breeds contempt, they’re also the two areas of the home we’re most likely to renovate in an effort to change things up. Before you take a single hammer to a wall, however, you should know a thing or two about the realities of bathroom demolition.

Things to Consider with a Bathroom Demolition Project

Taking a DIY approach to bathroom demolition is usually the result of a decision made after researching the bathroom demolition cost of hiring a professional. Bathroom demolition contractors can be pricey, but that’s because a full demolition and rebuild requires professional electrical, plumbing, drywall and painting skills. Once you do decide to demolish your bathroom on your own, there are a few things to consider starting with this question: is this going to be a structural or non-structural demolition? If in the process of your demolition and rebuild you are going to be removing any supporting or load bearing structures, you’re into a structural demolition. Unless you are fully qualified in the construction industry, you are best to contract a professional who can do the work up to code and in compliance with building regulations. This is not a demolition and rebuild you want completed in a half-ass manner. If you are unsure, you can call the professionals at Junk Out to get a professional evaluation of the type of bathroom demolition at which you’re looking.

If you are just removing old tiles, vanities, cabinets and sinks, the job is made much easier when you have the right tools. In truth, you’ll need more than a sledgehammer and some garbage bags. A partial list of the necessary tools you’ll need to demolish an existing bathroom includes the following: personal protection equipment including goggles, respirator mask, hard hat, gloves and steel toe boots. This may seem like overkill, until you get a chest infection from inhaling 50 year old dust particles or drop a toilet on your foot. Next, you’ll need some basic tools including a solid claw hammer, a crowbar and a hammer drill to make the job of removing tile much easier. If you have none of those tools, your DIY bathroom demolition cost may increase as you buy or rent proper tools. There are other things that will be necessary and almost certainly used during your bathroom demolition. These include shark bites for capping any plumbing you’ll need to cut as you remove old tubs and sinks; a volt meter to ensure breakers are shut before you dive into any electrical work; clean up gear including shovels, heavy-duty garbage bins and bags for waste materials, buckets, and a big disposal bin or dumpster. You can’t leave old drywall and insulation out for curbside pick-up. This is the point in your bathroom demolition cost discussion where you call Junk Out.

Contract Junk Out to Make Your Bathroom Demolition Easier

When you’re considering the pros and cons of hiring bathroom demolition contractors to complete the job, it’s a good idea to call Junk Out. Having the discussion with our team of professional waste management and demolition experts is an informative way to get the information you need to make the best decision for you. Whether that means hiring Junk Out to complete the demolition or just renting big dumpster bins from us, we can help you get peace of mind. Bathroom demolitions inevitably reveal more work than you originally imagined. We can help mitigate any surprises or problems that arise to keep your bathroom demolition cost in line with your original expectations.


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