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Think About Junk Removal? Economize With Different Bin Sizes

Spring is the season of renewal, which is why spring cleaning is such a popular activity – even when being done reluctantly! When you’re thinking of clearing a residential or commercial space that could easily qualify you for a visit from Hoarders, it’s probably a good time to be considering your options around junk removal. The easiest way to avoid hauling the junk you want removed yourself is to call Junk Out – the best name in affordable, convenient garbage bin rental.

Like all projects that involve paying for a service, you want to be sure you’re not throwing away large sums of money when you’re throwing away your unwanted junk. Rent dumpster prices vary depending on what company you’re dealing with. Type “rent dumpster near me” into your search and you’ll find a variety of companies offering a variety of rental bin options. At Junk Out, we offer five, ten and fourteen cubic yard garbage bin rental options that are suitable for almost any junk removal project you’re planning this spring.

The five cubic yard garbage bin available for rent is reserved for “aggregates” – the kind of substances you’d want gone if you’re completing landscaping projects or concrete projects. These smaller bins are only two feet high, but they allow you to easily load heavy dirt, yard waste, concrete refuse and other aggregate materials for removal. The ten cubic yard bin (12 x 6 x 4 feet) is a perfect garbage bin rental for discarding smaller loads of junk or, in the case of construction and renovation work, removing all the elements you’d be tossing when gutting a bathroom.

The largest bins available for garbage bin rental are 14 cubic yards, which are ideal for large-scale residential junk removal and full interior demolitions. These spacious bins can fit all kinds of construction debris, household appliances, boxes of disposable items and more. All three of these garbage bin rentals present affordable options; you just contract our Junk Out team to come with a bin and haul it all away. However, for an even more economical alternative, individuals who want to rent the 14 cubic foot bin and load it all themselves can on average save themselves from $150 to $300 depending on the amount of materials set for disposal.

While there are restrictions on junk removal – including hazardous waste, paints, chemicals, propane tanks, oils and asbestos – we can ensure you get rid of the junk you want gone with quick and easy garbage bin rental.


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