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Tips for Bin Rental Users During Bad Weather

There’s a reason people undertake clean-up projects in the spring and fall: because doing it in the winter adds a whole new layer of frustration. There’s no escaping the hassles that bad weather can bring to people conducting clean up projects or renovations. Ultimately, things still have to be carried outside, and that’s the primary reason for arranging a waste bin rental.

When there’s no escaping the elements, you have to plan to make the job less egregious on multiple levels. Here are a few tips for people filling their garbage bin rentals during inclement conditions, whether that means cold, snow, wind or rain.

  • Have things handy to cover your bin. Whether that’s a tarp, sheets of plywood, or some other kind of impervious materials, keeping rain and snow out of your bin is important. Your junk bin rental could be weighed down with the weight of the precipitation, which could cost you more at the dump. Obviously, a garbage bin rental that’s full of snow will be harder to fill, and no one wants to climb into a snow-filled dumpster to shovel snow. Take proactive steps to keep the bin from being filled with anything but junk.
  • Clear proper space in the area being designed for your waste bin rental delivery. You’ll want a clear path to and from your bin. If it stars snowing and the wind picks up, drifts could very quickly pile up, impeding your access to the bin and making it dangerous to walk around it. No matter what type of materials you’re carrying in and out, you’ll want lots of room to be able to life and toss them into the junk bin rental. Lifting heavy things in tight spaces could also be hard on your back, so make room.
  • Protecting your hands is important anytime you’re loading a dumpster bin. Sharp objects, nails, shards of glass, broken wood, and other materials can be a hazard to your safety. In winter, cold conditions could also be a factor. A good pair of safety gloves is a good investment anytime. Rain can also make items slippery, so having a good pair of gloves can be a godsend.
  • Dumping old newspapers, leaves, compost, or other materials into a dumpster that’s being rained upon can create odours. If you’re renting a bin for any length of time, keeping it covered to protect the junk inside may be necessary.
  • Try not to have the dumpster dropped off in a place where icy surfaces may be a factor. In cold weather ice can quickly form on asphalt driveways or cement-covered areas. Loading a dumpster in icy conditions can present issues. You may need to invest in salts or put down wood or other surfaces to provide a safe laneway for loading your dumpster.

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No matter what time of year you’re looking at renting, Junk Out can work with you to present the best options for your rental. There’s no way to avoid conducting jobs in bad weather. Proper planning can ensure you remain safe; renting from Junk Out will ensure you’ve got the service and support you need.


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