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Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Mini Bin

Getting rid of garbage, junk, construction debris and demolition waste is not a simple chore. Environmental regulations must be adhered to; costs for dump runs continue to escalate; there are limits and restrictions on what can be left for curbside pick-up. It’s why smart businesses and residential or commercial property owners often rely on the services of bin rental Toronto companies like Junk Out.


No matter where you are in the GTA or what job has necessitated your disposal bin rental Toronto, renting a dumpster helps make waste disposal and recycling of discarded materials much easier. Bin rental Toronto services are convenient, customizable and best of all, completely affordable. Renting a dumpster provides a safe and efficient option for the disposal of all kinds of junk and waste material, from old and unwanted housewares, furniture and appliances to yard waste generated during spring landscaping, house renovations and demolitions. Mini-bin rental companies can help you navigate the often complicated rules and regulations associated with waste disposal across GTA municipalities.

Estimating the volume of materials you’re tossing aside is the first step to identifying the size of the mini-bin you may require. A bin rental Toronto service like Junk Out can also quickly determine the size of bin you need. For starters, if you’re planning on junking a bunch of oversized items that cannot be broken down for bin disposal, you may have to go with Junk Out’s most popular 14 cubic yard bin option. This can accommodate things like couches and metal shelving units that are very difficult to squash into neat, disposal squares. If the bulk of your waste is boxed or bagged, you can probably safely order Junk Out’s 10 cubic yard bin. This is still a large amount of space that could accommodate all kinds of household junk and non-toxic waste materials. When you do have larger items, you can do a rough estimate of the size of bin rental Toronto option that works best for you simply by doing some measuring.

Junk Out has 5, 10, 14 and 20 cubic yard bins available for rent. Each of these has their own function. The cleaning out of junk in your house can be contagious, so discovering you have way more junk that can fit in your mini bin rental can be disappointing. Renting a small bin only to find out you’ll need to make a couple dump runs will wind up costing you more in the end. It’s best to rent the right size bin the first time.


Getting the most out of your bin rental takes preliminary organization. Junk Out rents bins out for up to 14 days, which is seven days longer than the industry standard. If you’re simply tossing junk, having it ready for disposal when your bin arrives could reduce the length of time you need your bin and help reduce costs. On the other hand, if you want a bin in place during renovations and demolitions that take time, arranging a longer 14 day rental may be exactly what you need. Either way, the professionals at Junk Out can help you maximize your rental.


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