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Tips for Renting a Bin in the Winter

Have you ever wondered how the pioneers of previous centuries managed to survive a Canadian winter without heat or electricity? It’s an entirely astounding testament to human tenacity, especially when you consider the fact that many of us can barely handle carting our garbage can out to the curb on a frozen February morning. Unfortunately, the need to toss garbage and debris doesn’t end just because winter arrived. But there are ways to handle your needs for winter junk removal Toronto.

Make Space for Your Bin Rental

Garbage removal Toronto services like Junk Out are operational 12 months of the year. That means they can deliver the appropriate rental bin for garbage removal Toronto services whenever you need it. In order to accommodate the bin, there are some things you need to do prior to bin drop-off. First, clear out all possible impediments to the safe delivery of a garbage bin from your driveway or yard where the bin is to go. Remove cars, other small garbage bins and any items that could get in the way. Shovel all snow and remove any icy build-up. Clear out all the room required to safely maneuver yourself for safe disposal of junk into the bin.

Prep the Area

Winter temperatures mean ice and snow. Icy build up on asphalt, interlocking brick, cement stone walkways and other areas that may be travelled during the process of filling your bin must be tended to. Purchase environmentally friendly melting agents to deal with the ice. If required, buy a bale of hay and use it to cover the path too and from the bin. You can’t be too safe when carrying large, awkward junk, construction debris and garbage to your bine.

Deal with Mother Nature

Call us crazy, but it might just snow in Toronto this winter. If you’re renting a bin, it’s best to cover it during a snow fall. If you’re renting from junk removal services Toronto for multiple days, you don’t want your bin full of snow rather than garbage. Take the necessary precautions to ensure you can maximize the space within the garbage bin.

Ensure Your Safety When Using a Junk Bin

Baby, it’s cold outside. If you’ve ever stuck your tongue on a steel pole outside, you know what can happen to moist skin when it touches frozen metal. In sub-zero temperatures, be sure to protect yourself when loading your metal bin. Wear proper safety gloves to protect your hands.

Trust Junk Out for Your Junk Removal Toronto Needs

Maybe you’re moving. Maybe you’ve spent so much time indoors because of Covid that you want to clear your living space of junk. Perhaps you’re off and completing home renovation projects. No matter the reason you need garbage removal Toronto rentals, call Junk Out. Our business is ensuring you have everything you need to get rid of unwanted junk and debris from your home or office. We’re affordable, convenient and service-oriented. Call us today to discuss your needs this winter.


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