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Tips for Renting Bins in Winter

Canadians understand that winter presents challenges. Rising to those challenges is what helps us deal with the extreme temperatures and snowy conditions. We also recognize that life has to carry on regardless of the weather, which is why there still might come a time when you need to arrange a winter garbage bin rental in Toronto.

Winter Garbage Bin Rentals Made Easy

From early November until late March, mini bin rental in Toronto services continue to do business. That’s because mini bin rental companies have the bins people need to help facilitate removal of junk, debris from home renovations, or construction waste from small residential and commercial demolition projects. Small garbage bin rental options are a godsend to anyone who needs to safely and efficiently move junk to a landfill. In an ideal world, no one would ever have to cart garbage and trash from a residence to a garbage bin rental in Toronto sitting in the driveaway. However, sometimes the calendar doesn’t dictate the work that has to be done. When you find yourself faced with having to rent and fill up your mini bin rental, here are a few tips to consider to help make the job a little more tolerable.

  • Before you arrange your garbage bin rental in Toronto, sort your materials. Perhaps allocate one room in your residence or commercial space for the junk, garbage, and materials you want gone. This will make it easier to allocate junk to the right dumpster bin, especially if you’re renting more than one. You can sort materials that are reusable or recyclable to ensure they don’t get tossed into a landfill. This will also help you avoid piling junk outside in the winter that can freeze, or get wet and frozen adding extra weight to your bin.
  • When renting in the winter, make sure your rental aligns with the days you’re hoping to complete the work. You don’t want your bin sitting in the driveaway filling up with snow and ice, adding weight and reducing space for the actual junk you want removed. Ensure there is a space for the bin that allows for safe and efficient loading, along with ease of delivery and pick up.
  • Having the bin set a long distance from where the materials slated for disposal are located can create an unsafe loading zone.
  • Consider hiring a professional junk removal team along with your small garbage bin rental. That way, you don’t have to run the risk of getting hurt or working in cold, icy conditions loading up your bin.

It goes without saying but if you are tasked with filling up a bin make sure you have the proper winter safety gloves, warm clothes, and insulated steel-toed boots. Hauling construction waste out of a job site and into a bin can be hard work; you don’t want to be cold and working without proper gear. Fingers get cold, and cold fingers hurt when smacked or caught under the weight of the junk you’re lifting.

Arrange Your Bin Rental Through Junk Out

For disposal bin rental in Toronto expertise, call Junk Out. Our team is available year-round, but we are extremely helpful in the wintertime when commercial and residential property owners aren’t always excited about junk removal. We can bring a team of professionals to complete the job no matter how big or small, or we can simply rent you the right bin for the job.


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