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What Are the Cost Factors for Gutting a House?

No guts, no glory.  That’s a saying usually reserved for athletes, soldiers and other combatants as a way to inspire greater effort. It also applies to investment properties where you want to maximize the potential. Sometimes it takes a complete gutting of the interior to reap the glory of higher resale value. However, there are some significant costs to consider when planning your house demolition.

Four Major Costs Involved in Gutting a House

Even if you’re a DIY-type, there is a significant demolition cost for a full-scale interior gutting. There are four major costs that you could incur during the process: first, you’ll need to contract a structural engineer, designer or architect to assist in the demolition and the future renovation plan. You will want that person to point out the load-bearing walls that can’t be removed for fear of a total collapse. You’ll need a stamped design before  you move into the gutting and rebuilding of your property. Next, you’ll need a certified electrician to disconnect all the power from your panel box and fit you with one or two GFI outlets you can draw power from during your rebuild. You don’t want to be messing with the electrical for fear of disqualifying your insurance coverage. Thirdly, you’ll want to hire a certified plumber to disconnect  your water main, especially if you’re renovating kitchen, bath and laundry rooms and rerouting pipes, drains and taps. The last thing you want is an unexpected flood destroying your progress and your investment. Finally, you may want to consider hiring a trusted demolition company that can safely and properly demolish the space you want to renovate; that may include removing old lathe and plaster, outdated HVAC systems, electrical, plumbing, flooring and more.  An interior demolition Toronto service should come with a Better Business Bureau recommendation and a long track record of successfully gutting properties.  

Call Junk Out for Quality Demolition Service

A full-scale gutting of a home creates a huge volume of waste materials. Some of it can be recycled, but you don’t want the responsibility of sorting through the materials you’re trying to junk.  That’s where Junk Out comes in. Their team of junk removal experts can remove all your renovation waste quickly, efficiently and affordably, recycling any materials in the process. Leave the junk to them so you can focus on your rebuild. Learn more.


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