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What considered as Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste Materials?

There are three main types of consumer goods: durable goods, nondurable goods, and services. Consumer goods – often called final goods – are the end result of production and manufacturing and are the types of products a consumer will see on the store shelf. A durable good is one that is meant to last – for example, a brick might be considered a durable good because it should hypothetically never wear out. As for services, that’s what our team at Junk Out provides when you’re ready to toss your unwanted, damaged or worn-out consumer goods, durable goods and non-hazardous industrial waste materials into the rental bin: junk removal Toronto.

When you need affordable junk removal services, think of us first. Junk Out has provided Toronto garbage pickup services for over 14 years, offering you fast, reliable and competitive junk removal cost when you want to remove all kinds of junk, including non-hazardous industrial waste materials. Here’s just a partial list of items that would qualify as non-hazardous: furniture, skids, construction waste, renovation waste, pianos, filing cabinets, cabinetry, chairs, tables, desks, mechanical equipment, carpets, washroom vanity, old DVDs and movies, vinyl albums, knick knacks, bric a brac, picture frames, unwanted clothing, estate items, holiday and seasonal decorations, seasonal decorations, garage junk, broken tools, hardware, landscaping debris and flooring. If you have one, we’ll even junk your old piano. There’s not much our team of professional junk removal Toronto specialists hasn’t seen.

We can help you clean out your cluttered garage or remove all the debris from a complete house renovation – no job is too big or too small for our team. Simply check our website for a full list of services and rental bins available, and make the call. Living in cluttered conditions is never a healthy situation, especially in areas where wildlife or other nefarious creatures might find your junk piles to be excellent for permanent residence. Mold is also a concern when you have cardboard or other absorbent materials sitting for long periods in damp areas. Contacting affordable junk removal services is the first step to liberating yourself from the stifling presence of unwanted junk. We’re big fans of recycling too, so a lot of what you toss out could wind up being recycled through our recycling efforts.


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