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What Materials from the Demolition Sites Can Be Reused or Recycled?

Junk Out is a waste removal company with a policy of trying to recycle as much material as possible. Diverting junk, construction waste and other materials from landfills and reusing/recycling it is simple a great policy. Best of all, doing the right thing doesn’t add to your demolition cost.

What Can Be Recycled and How?

With any house demolition waste materials will be generated. Not all of them can be recycled. A basement demolition, for example, might turn up materials that have to go straight to the landfill. Junk Out recycles approximately 17 percent of the materials removed from house demolition projects and diverts 10 percent of waste collection from landfill by redirecting it to the appropriate disposal process. What are the materials from demolition sites that can be reused or recycled? Here is a general reference list.

Wood: Most wood can be recycled, but it has to be clean wood in a bin. It can’t be lumped together in a garbage disposal bin with drywall, tile, wiring and other junk. Wood with nails and screws is okay, but it has to be separated. It can be reused in flooring, countertops and even panelling. Reclaimed wood is popular with designers who like the old grains and textures.

Drywall: Drywall can be processed to make new drywall or used for wall repairs in other jobs. Materials in drywall such a gypsum can can leak into local water tables when sent to landfills so it’s always better to recycle when possible.

Glass: There are multiple uses for recycled glass, which can be used to make different products or be repurposed in other jobs.

Metals: This is one of the most commonly recycled materials from house demolition and basement demolition. Metals such as copper pipe, aluminum, steel and iron can be reused, repurposed or melted down and made into other products.

Work with Junk Out to Determine Demolition Cost

Waste removal has to be factored in to the cost of your demolition. If you’re conducting a DIY job the labour will obviously be lowered than if you hired the Junk Out team to conduct the demolition for you. Renting a garbage bin is an important part of the job; having a bin on site allows you to quickly dispose of any materials to help keep the job site clean. Renting two bins – one for general waste and one for materials bound for recycling – may cost a little more but it will help you ensure your job is an environmentally friendly one. Junk Out has a variety of different sized bins to accommodate your materials.

A quick call to Junk Out can help determine the approximate cost of your demolition and your waste removal costs. Factor in any additional costs for hiring Junk Out to assist with the removal of waste or the demolition itself. In the end, working with a company well experienced in house demolition projects is a way to actually save you money, because they can identify some of the troubles that may pop up during your demolition.


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