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What Not to Put in a Rented Bin?

Rental bins offer the convenience of waste collection for organizations and residential areas by doing their waste disposal job on their behalf. However, realizing that not everything can be disposed of in the same rented bin, separating the waste is required to manage waste efficiently. Selecting the right container to dispose of waste ensures the safe handling of the waste with zero damage to the environment and the communities residing in the area, for example, acquiring a container from bin rental Etobicoke.

Putting hazardous or restricted items can have detrimental effects on the residential and commercial areas of the surrounding area. People also fill their disposable bins with items that can damage the bin, and the disposal bin rental Etobicoke companies end up bearing the cost of these damaged bins. Some states also have prescribed standards that regulate the items that can be disposed of using large-scale disposable bins. Non-compliance with these standards can get the bin companies in unwanted trouble with the authorities for those who rent a bin in Etobicoke.

Solid Waste

Food waste is the most common item disposed of in disposable bins from bin rental Etobicoke. Food waste attracts rodents and may result in an infestation of the area where the rental bin has been placed. Requesting a special bin that quickly deals with food waste is ideal for such a situation. Adhesives can damage the bins as they glue items together, which may be difficult to remove.

Fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury, and many states restrict the amount of mercury that can be safely disposed of in a rental bin. Authorities may raise this as a red flag for the business, which is not ideal for either the business or the individuals living around the affected areas. Disposing of hot water tanks is detrimental to the surroundings as they contain harmful gasses that may cause an explosion even with very little ignition.

Hazardous Liquid and Gaseous Waste

Cooling appliances like fridges and air conditioners can only be disposed of in rental bins if the freon in these devices has been extracted. Corrosive cleaning liquids can create holes in disposable bins, and these damaged bins become redundant once they start falling apart. Any container containing oil must be emptied and cleaned thoroughly before being disposed of in the rental bins. The smallest flames can ignite the largest fires if the oil containers have not been handled responsibly.

Liquids like paints and thinners must be disposed of in sealed containers as the paint spill can spoil the brand logo or color scheme. The bin rental company may have to recoat the rental bin layer with its original colors to make the bin look neat before the garbage bin rental in Etobicoke can ship it off to the next destination by the Etobicoke garbage collection. Also, different waste materials are identified by the bins’ colors, and paint spills can confuse the bin rental as they separate the waste.


Safety is of paramount importance when it comes to bin rental. Ensuring the right bin is used for the right waste reduces the chances of distress felt by the users and garbage bin rental Etobicoke. Visit Junk Out to learn about the best rental bins for a variety of cleaning needs.


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