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What to do with Demolition Waste

Death and taxes are two unavoidable realities of life. The fact your demolition project is going to generate waste is another truth. As hard as you try to turn your demolition green by recycling as much waste material as you can, the fact is demolitions generate waste – that’s what “demolishing” something is all about. The question is, what’s the best way to handle the waste being generated during a house demolition.


No matter what kind of demolition project you’re undertaking – whether it’s a small bathroom demolition or an entire house demolition – you have to have a plan for waste disposal before you swing one sledgehammer. Having piles of construction waste hanging around a job site is unsightly, frustrating for workers who have to maneuver their way around it, and ultimately dangerous. Demolition waste can be a hazard, not just for tripping and falling over, but perhaps environmentally; you never know what’s in old dust, insulation, plaster and other waste generated. Managing waste to mitigate problems on the job site is critical for all those involved, so here’s a few tips to help deal with waste from your house demolition.

Identifying and separating waste using rental waste bins helps keep waste in order. Clearly marking bins to indicate which materials should be placed in each bin helps in the disposal process. For example, one bin can be strictly for concrete, bricks, lathe and plaster and other similar materials; another bin can be for electrical implements, pipes and plumbing materials.
As bins fill, make sure there is a plan in place for them to be emptied regularly. Working out a solid plan with the rental company prior to the start of a demolition will help establish a schedule that aligns with your pace of demolition. Bins should never be filled so high that they can’t be safely moved and transported. Having one person accountable for the management of the process is one way to ensure waste disposal is conducted in a safe and efficient manner.

Be very aware of the types of materials being generated, especially if there is any hint of toxic or hazardous materials. Most rental bin companies won’t accept bins full of hazardous materials, and most dump sites won’t allow dumping of such materials. Things like asbestos-laced materials, corrosives, hazardous liquids and oils should be dealt with safely and with purpose.


Our team at Junk Out is trained in the importance of safe waste disposal. We will ensure you get the right bins required for the job at hand. We can help develop a safe demolition waste disposal plan that will ease the burden. We can also help determine which materials can be reused or recycled to avoid a full shipment heading to landfills. Things like insulation and lumber can be reused to help reduce costs for the rebuild. Every project is different, but our team at Junk Out can ensure you demolition goes smoothly.


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