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What to Do with That Backyard Shed

When you’re done cleaning out the inside of your home, household spring clean ups wind up targeting the shed or garage, spaces that are historically filled with unwanted or under used junk. However, what do you do when it’s the shed or garage you want to remove as part of your clean-up? In some cases, it’s necessary to call Junk Out, a company that specializes in demolition Toronto.

Steps to Follow When You Want to Shed the Shed

Removing an old shed from your property is easier than removing an entire garage. The costs involved in removing the shed are cheaper than a full garage demolition. The price to demolish a shed vary based on the materials with which the shed was built, and access to the site in question. For example. removing a sheet metal shed could cost anywhere from $500 to $2,500 depending on the size of the shed, whether or not contents have to be removed and how the shed was built and anchored. You can reduce those costs by ensuring the shed is completely empty prior to hiring a demolition Toronto company. A shed full of rubbish and paints, oils, antifreeze or other miscellaneous household hazardous waste (HHW) would cost additional fees for just removal and waste processing. There are other options as well: depending on the condition of the shed and your budget, you may want to renovate what is already there. But if that is not an option and the plan is to demolish and rebuild, get organized first. If you’re living in a heritage home and are looking at demolishing a structure that has been on the property for decades, you may have to do some research to ensure the building isn’t protected under your City’s heritage designation codes. Regardless of the size, the team of garage demolition experts at Junk Out are always available. Junk Out will happily assist in the removal first hand, or simply provide dumpster green bins to help facilitate removal of waste materials.

What’s Involved in a Full Garage Demolition?

Google “garage demolition near me” and you’re bound to find many demolition Toronto companies willing to quote you on a full garage or shed removal. Prices will vary based on several factors. These will include whether or not the demolition requires heavy equipment, whether there’s a full concrete foundation, or whether the garage or shed is easily accessible. If the entire job can be completed manually, the cost will most likely be lower depending on the size of the project and the materials being hauled away. Older garages may contain materials such as lead or asbestos, so that will also factor into the cost of removal. A company like Junk Out would strive to recycle as many of the materials being removed as possible. A simple phone call will get you a quick quote on the cost to remove your old shed or garage.


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