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What You Need to Know Before Demolishing Your Garage

Thanks to your Covid isolation, you’ve completed every single renovation you’ve ever wanted to finish on the interior of your home. And since you’re the DIY type with nowhere to go, you’re thinking it’s time for one last major renovation – your garage. That may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few suggestions from JUNK OUT before you begin your garage demolition.

Beginning Your Garage Demolition

Any house demolition project has to begin with the proper paperwork. Securing permits now saves you a lot of hassle later. Yes, they cost money and, yes, you’ll wind up dealing with a building inspector, but the last thing you want to encounter is a city official telling you to tear down your new garage because you didn’t have the proper permit. These are simply the realities of home demolition projects. Once you’re in compliance, you start by disconnecting the utilities; depending on how functional your garage is, that could mean gas, water and electricity. You may have to cap them if there are no shut-offs available. Once that’s completed, you wan pull wires, disconnect pipes and fixtures. Remember to recycle what you can. If you rent a garbage bin from Junk Out, you can separate your recyclables to avoid them winding up in a landfill.

Call in the Strippers

That’s right. Time to strip your roof and exterior walls of whatever is covering them. Before you begin your garage demolition, make sure you have a disposal bin rental from Junk Out lined up. Then you keep your demolition site clean; as the shingles, wallboard, drywall, lathe, plaster or steel siding comes off, toss it in the bin. Take your time to ensure you’re following safety protocols; as the siding comes off, it may render the garage unstable. Monitor the progress as you strip it to ensure the frame remains secure.

Doors and Windows and Framing, Oh My!

Removing the side or back entry doors from your garage is easy. Removing a big retractable garage door is a bit more laborious. Plan to get some help on this one. Depending on your plans to build new or salvage parts during your garage demolition, you can either keep the doors and windows or toss them in your bin. Most trim and siding will be garbage, so don’t worry too much about those things. As for the framing and roof trusses, you’ll probably need a pry bar and a hammer to start pulling them apart. Of course, you could always aim to have your house demolition project shown on an episode of Ridiculousness; that’s as simple as hitching a chain to your truck and the garage, then stepping on the gas to see what happens. As fun as it sounds, it’s probably not in compliance with your building permit!

Count on Junk Out to Help Make Demolition Easier

Home demolition projects like taking down a garage generate a lot of bulky waste and useless material. Pre-arranging the delivery of a garbage bin from Junk Out makes the jobsite safer by ensuring all the debris gets channeled into the bin. Junk Out offers a variety of different options along with expertise and tips on the best way to proceed with your garage demolition. Make your DIY project hassle free. Connect with Junk Out.


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